The Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson remained within royal boundaries and was happily married to Prince Andrew until 1991, when the two announced that they were separating ways. After the divorce, the Duchess of York celebrated her individuality by breaking a major protocol that royal women were enforced to follow.

It seems that Ferguson has embraced her new freedom (at least from her marriage) by being bolder, and she expressed herself more in terms of beauty and fashion. The new freedom she found was through her make-up look.

When Ferguson was married to Prince Andrew, the duchess complied with the royal protocol of looking subtly elegant with a toned-down make-up. Ariane Poole Cosmetics founder Ariane Poole, who once did Ferguson’s make-up, shared some details about the duchess.

Poole revealed that the duchess (or her make-up artist) made herself appear sophisticated by leaving the eyebrows as they are. During her marriage to Prince Andrew, Ferguson used muted and soft tones, looking natural and effortless.

Fast forward to 1991, Ferguson started playing with colors, as observed by Poole. She accented her face with colors on her cheeks and lips.

Since Ferguson is not restricted to royal protocols anymore, she noticeably used bolder lip colors for her lipstick. Poole compared Ferguson in 1996 and emphasised her groomed eyebrows and eyeshadow, which gave her a youthful glow.

Ferguson’s straight, soft-arch brow gives her softer appearance and emphasizes her big eyes but not too much. Poole says that the duchess would look glowing with metallic tones, especially eyeshadow make-up.

There were times, however, that Ferguson’s look reflected her royal younger days. In Lambertz Monday Night 2019 fashion show, she opted for a natural look with a subtle lip color but with bolder eyes and a shimmery eyeshadow.

Ferguson and Prince Andrew have been divorced since 1996, but the ex-couple maintained a good relationship and are good co-parents to daughters Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie. Princess Eugenie described her parents’ current status as “the best divorced couple.”

Currently, Prince Andrew and Ferguson are living together. When asked if there’s a chance that they would get back together, Ferguson insisted that they are the happiest divorced couple, and it may remain that way — at least for now.

Sarah Ferguson Sarah, Duchess of York (left), with Nicola and George Brooksbank outside St George's Chapel in Windsor Castle after the wedding of Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank on October 12, 2018. Andrew Matthews - WPA Pool/Getty Images