A five-foot kangaroo reportedly attacked a 55-year-old Australian nurse in her Melbourne backyard, leaving the woman scarred and terrified.

Kerry Muller, 55, was picking fruit at her Cranbourne South property when the five-foot kangaroo reportedly attacked her, ripped apart her jacket, and tore into her skin, leaving her battered and bruised. The kangaroo attack pierced her skin and almost broke her arm. She was immediately rushed to Frankston Hospital with cuts and bruises to her arm, leg, and back, 7NEWS reported.

“Terrified ... the thoughts of what could have happened, I nearly passed out, to be honest,” she said.

“All I saw was claws coming at me...So I pivoted and dived into some bushes so quickly, but by that stage, he was already on me,” she added.

Muller said she was shocked at how quickly the kangaroo ripped apart her jacket. Muller was treated at the hospital for about three hours and the injuries she suffered from the attack left her unable to work for four days, Nine News reported.

Muller said that she always had a “respectful relationship” with the kangaroo, who was a regular visitor at the property for about six months before the attack. Muller said that she was left in shock when the kangaroo suddenly changed its nature and turned on her.

“Usually we have quite a respectful relationship,” she said. “He sees me he moves away, I see him he moves away."

“He changed his mind and he set himself on me. Totally shocked,” Muller explained.

Meanwhile, wildlife authorities have commented on the incident and advised that a kangaroo on its own is unusual and should be avoided.

“That kangaroo either was feeling unwell, feeling vulnerable, or it may even have been a young male seeking a new mate or a new mob,” Wildlife Victoria’s Tim Adams said.

Wildlife authorities advised citizens to maintain a respectful distance from kangaroos and warned them against feeding the animal to avoid them from returning to their properties.

Muller said that she saw the kangaroo again near her home after the attack. However, she said that the kangaroo appeared calm and harmless on that occasion. Muller said that she has no interest in seeing the kangaroo being put down.

“I don’t want to see a beautiful specimen like that taken down,” she said.

She said that the attack has indeed scarred her. However, she said that she still sees the wildlife on the city fringes as a treasure and not as a problem.

“I admire (kangaroos) and I think they‘re magnificent,” she said.

A kangaroo reportedly killed a man who tried to keep the animal as a pet and proceeded to block paramedics who were attempting to save the victim's life in Western Australia's Great Southern region on Sunday, Sept. 11. This is a representational image. Pixabay

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