Two men from Orlando, Florida were arrested on Saturday, March 12, for using a device to lower the price of gasoline in order to pump it up and resell it to desperate people, while two others were arrested on a similar but separate scheme in Florida.

Yulier Garcia-Martinez and Rogelio Llerena were arrested on March 12 following an incident where they were caught stealing fuel at a Circle K by using a device that manipulates the pulsar mechanism inside of the gasoline pumps, according to Click Orlando 6.

When authorities caught wind of the plan, Llerena claimed that he and Garcia-Martinez were on their way to Tampa to pick up a truck. Changing his story multiple times, Garcia-Martinez eventually admitted to owning the pulsar manipulating device.

“Whether individuals are trying to steal fuel like in these situations or credit card data with skimmers, know that our department will continue to crack down on crimes at our gas pumps,” a press release from Commissioner Nikki Fried said.

Meanwhile, Yordian Diaz-Benitez and Marlon Rosel-Rodriguez were both arrested in different incidents where they both attempted to steal gasoline, with Rosel-Rodriguez being arrested for attempting to put a similar manipulating device inside of a gas station pump, the New York Post reported.

“With gas prices hitting record highs, fuel theft can further drive up costs for all consumers,” Nikki Fried said.

Ned Bowman, who is currently the president of Florida’s Department of Agriculture, said that he believes that more people will attempt to defraud desperate drivers by stealing fuel and selling it at a high resale price.

“These are criminal rings. I think you are going to see this expand,” Bowman said.

For her part, Nikki Fried has said that she will not let consumers be defrauded by individuals who will use illegal methods in an attempt to gouge consumers looking for gasoline.

“Our law enforcement investigators, officers, and partners are working hard every day to protect Florida consumers and businesses from theft and other fraud at gas stations across our state,” Fried said.

As gasoline prices continue to soar across the United States, four men in Florida were arrested after they attempted to steal gasoline to resell to desperate drivers. This is a representational image. Yassine Khalfalli/Unsplash.

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