With 2021 nearly coming to a close, forecasts and predictions on investments should be coming out slowly. And for those into Axie Infinity, it appears the plausible expectation is to see its value bump up in the coming years.

The driving factor to determine where Axie Infinity prices will go will be based on several factors. But for those who are fond of numbers, the best derivative is their past behavior.

But before being awed by what the value of Axie Infinity may have in the coming years, it would be best to take note that these are predictions from experts. They are only suggestions from market analysts and some figures, such as those mentioned here, may either be overstated or too good to be true.

For 2021, the minimum and average price for Axie Infinity in the table on the said link shows it at $106.59 and $117.81 respectively. The minimum price is pegged at $121.17.

For 2022, there is a notable jump forecasted ($169.82) which unsurprisingly renders higher numbers in the average price and maximum price predicted, an average price of $174.54 and $197.98 respectively.

Looking beyond 2022, the minimum price and the average price would naturally go higher. But again, these are predictions.

Based on the latest data gathered, the crypto has been decreased by -2.29% in its current value. In all, the market cap is down and pales when compared to other crypto coins.

The past days have not been promising for Axie Infinity. The AXS is down to almost -19.3% in the last 7 days. The coin is still showing risking framing segments for the past few days but the key thing to note is that it would not return profits if the investment is done in the short term.

Hence, this explains why the chart goes up to 2030. For those who are willing to take the risk and gamble, experts see Axie Infinity possibly hitting the highest price of $4,322.21 in 2030.

For those who are not too keen on more than five years, a forecast by analysts sees it tipping the $540.64 mark.

It may be down at the moment but, like any other investment, folks who are patient and willing to wait to see its value fluctuate need to wait and see just how high the valuation of Axie Infinity will be in the succeeding years.

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