Selena Gomez is on fire, and there’s nothing stopping her now. The 27-year-old “Lose Me to Love You” singer dropped deets about her new album, Rare. Slated to hit the stands on January 10, 2020, the content she conjured up for the album is said to be the most honest music she has ever made.

Some of the songs on the album include, “Cut You Off”, “Let Me Get Me”, “Vulnerable”, “People You Know” and the like. What’s more, there’s also a track titled, “A Sweeter Place” featuring Kid Cudi. Let’s not forget that Kid Cudi worked with Justin Bieber in 2014. So, well, there’s a talent crossover with the exes. Is there something for her former flame (Um, Justin Bieber) to worry about?

While Gomez dominated the charts with her latest releases “Lose you to Love Me” and “Look at her now”, she’s now looking forward to releasing her next album early next year—something that Gomez is herself surprised of.

“Can’t believe I’m revealing the art and title for my new album RARE, out January 10th,” said Gomez, who is still healing after a devasting break-up with Justin Bieber. “It’s the most honest music I’ve ever made and I can’t wait for you to hear my heart,” she added.

Gomez and Bieber called it quits sometime early in 2018. Soon after, Bieber moved on into a new relationship with Hailey Baldwin and wedded her in the next couple of months.

The insiders of the singer revealed that Gomez is in a much better space now. She’s trying her best to channel her energy towards self-improvement—health and her work. And, it’s evidenced in the way things are shaping up for the singer who’s clearly on a creative overdrive.  

Looking at the creatives of her new album, titled, “Rare”, Gomez is seen laying on the floor with her eyes closed. She is seen wearing a white shirt and her eyes are closed. The album’s cover lends an 80s feel to it— an all-white show, with only a pop of pink on her shirt.

Gomez might be in a better mind space now, but incidentally, all of her recent releases have been focused around her split from Justin Bieber. It turns out, even a lot from this album seems to be inspired by the heart-wrenching split of the former lover birds. Some of the tracks in the forthcoming album are titled, “Vulnerable” and “Cut You Off”.

That aside, for now, we’re really rooting for Gomez and the way things are panning out for her on the work front. You go, girl!