Selena Gomez is not closing her doors when it comes to love. Recently, the popular pop singer revealed that she is open to dating again, though it is not her focus at this point in her life.

Gomez, recently, stepped back into the limelight with the release of her new song, “Lose You to Love Me.” Shortly after its release, fans went into a frenzy as they realized it was actually a song dedicated to Gomez’s ex and long-time beau, Justin Bieber.

Gomez and Bieber broke up last year. Since then, Gomez has not seriously dated anyone. After their split, Gomez decided to purge herself of all the drama and heartbreak by laying low on her career. No wonder, everyone was thrilled when she announced, earlier this year, that she’s making a comeback with a new song she composed herself.

Now that Bieber is already happily married to Hailey Baldwin, Gomez is, reportedly, moving on with her life and is trying to find her happy place. A report that surfaced earlier this week revealed that the singer is, in fact, open to finding love again, though she wants to focus more on herself than her love life.

During her career hiatus, Gomez was shortly linked to former One Direction member Niall Horan. The two, reportedly, went out on a couple of dates these past few months. However, neither of the two has confirmed a growing romance. According to a source, it is because Gomez is not actively pursuing a relationship.

“Selena is in a place where she knows her worth, she feels very empowered as a single woman, she’s not stressing about finding a man,” said the source. Despite that, Gomez, reportedly, does have a wish list when it comes to the man he’ll date in the future.

“Selena is open to finding love again but it’s not a huge focus for her, she’s not on the hunt,” the source said. “But she does have a wish list, she knows what she’s looking for. Obviously, she has to have that spark, but that’s only the first step. For her to get serious the guy is going to have to offer a lot more than that,” the insider added.

After her failed relationship with Bieber, Gomez, reportedly, realized that what she really wants is real and mature love; a partner that she can truly connect with on every level. “Someone that’s not afraid to get really deep with her because when she loves, she goes all in. She wants a guy that’s very secure in himself and confident but not cocky, that’s a big turn off for her,” the source revealed.

Selena Gomez Photo of Selena Gomez. Sebastian Vital/Flickr