Selena Quintanilla Mezcalent

Many Selena Quintanilla fans were looking forward to the singer's hologram tour that was supposed to make the rounds in 2018. After announcing the project in 2015, the Quintanilla family has revealed that the project is a no-go.

"Selena The One," which was in the works with producers at Acrovirt, LLC and the Quintanillas, had the idea to create the late Queen of Tejano in digital format, by developing a walking, talking, singing and dancing, digital embodiment of the legendary songstress, who passed away more than 20 years ago. The project was going to include new songs, videos and collaborations with current artists.

It seems, however, as if the project will not happen ---at least for now. According to Abraham Quintanilla, "Selena The One" has been cancelled with the company Acrovirt. "They were asking fans for money," he expressed to visitors on the Selena Q Radio chatroom. "But we are working with another company. This time I will not give out any information unless the project runs," he added.

Though we're a tad bummed with the news, we must say that we are extremely excited for the 2nd annual Fiesta de la Flor festival taking place in May honoring our gorgeous "Como La Flor" singer.

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