A series about Selena Quintanilla has been rumored to be done, but nothing is set yet. ABC is working on a new drama series that is inspired by the legacy of the Queen of Tejano. It's not a biographical series, but her father is involved in the development. According to Deadline, the television network has committed to shooting a pilot for a series written by Miguel Nolla ("Scandal") is writing the project and executive produced Scooter Braun, and in cooperation of Selena Quintanilla's family members Abraham Quintanilla, Jr., and Suzette Quintanilla Arriaga.

The as of yet untitled series centers on Alex Guerra, a chart-topping, award-winning pop star who has been estranged from her family for five years. She tries to pick up the pieces when a crisis forces her to return home to Texas, juggling a love triangle, the demands of her career, and the dark secrets of the family that she now desperately wants to win back.

Last year, Telemundo announced production of a Selena biographical series titled "El Secreto de Selena" and based on the book of María Celeste Arrarás, about the tragic death of beloved Queen of Tejano. There is no doubt that Yolanda Saldívar pulled the trigger on the superstar, but does anyone know what really happened moments before the crime took place? "El Secreto de Selena" pulls together the pieces of this puzzle and depicts what really happened on that rainy day in March of 1995.

Shortly after the announcement was made, Suzette Quintanilla slammed the intentions of the series. . “Your book is based on a whole bunch of lies,” she said via Instagram Stories. “Your source is a person who killed, cold-heartedly murdered, my sister, shot her in the back and left her to die.”

At the time of the announcement of the production the "Al Rojo Vivo" host said: "El Secreto de Selena is the revealing story behind her tragic death. It is a story very different from the official one that was told immediately after her murder. It turns out in the months before her death, Selena wasn't as happy as many thought. She was living through a tumultuous time in her life, surrounded by people who loved her but also wanted to manipulate her. This true story of our beloved Selena has all of the ingredients of a telenovela: lies, love, betrayal, suspense and a lot more. It is a controversial story, but it is also a real story that is handled with the utmost respect for her memory. I have no doubt that just as the book became a bestseller, the production of this series will break audience records."

Born in Lake Jackson, Texas on April 16, 1971, Selena’s talent shone from an early age. Strumming Nat King Cole’s “I’m in the Mood for Love” on guitar, Selena’s Father listened to his daughter sing along, and immediately knew the bright future before her.

With encouragement from their father, nine year old Selena and her older siblings A.B. (guitar) and Suzette (drums) formed the beginnings of the Tejano sensation Selena y Los Dinos. Born in Texas, Tejano music (or “Tex-Mex”) blends Mexican and American sub-genres like pop, polka, ranchera, and cumbia. Widely popular across the TX/Mexico border since the 1800s, Selena y Los Dinos’ infectious brand of Tejano music popularized the genre to audiences globally.