The artwork for the Shakira song featuring Rihanna was released today, Rihanna posted the photo on her Instagram. Shakira invited Rihanna to be a part of her first single off of her new album set to be released in the spring of 2014. “Can’t Remember To Forget” will drop Jan. 13. In the song’s art work we see Rihanna with her head resting in Shakira’s lap. Both women are similarly dress in black skin tight body suits. Gold jewelry adores their wrists and necks in the form of large cross over bangles.

Shakira wears a gold chain with a star like pendant. Rihanna’s hair flows over Shakira’s legs in a cascade of curls. Shakira sports a blown out look with just a few twists of hair outlining her face. Shakira also sporting a large gold bracelet rests her hand ever so slightly on Rihanna’s shoulder. The photo already has 94310 likes on Instagram and over 1,800 comments telling the women how great they look. Both artists stare directly through you, their gaze deep and penetrating as if to let you know something incredible is approaching.

The rumor of a collaboration between the 25-year-old Barbadian beauty and the36-year-old Colombian bombshell had been circulating for months. Rapper Pitbull added fuel to the rumors during an interview in which he said Rihanna was not available to work with him on a project as she had previously committed to Shakira. Rihanna confirmed the duet on Jan. 6 after an incorrect date was announced on Twitter.  In a recent interview with Glamour Magazine Shakira said “Working with [Rihanna] was utopia…the chemistry was so good and so real. She taught me dance moves. She was such a sweet teacher.”