A deadly shark attack in Egypt on Friday forced local authorities to close the beaches by the Red Sea down as two women, one of them elderly, were reportedly killed in consecutive vicious attacks by the shark in question.

The bodies of a 68-year-old Austrian woman and a Romani tourist in her forties were found over one-third of a mile away from each other, with the Austrian woman losing an arm and a leg due to the attack, according to the Daily Beast.

The Austrian woman, who had been living in Egypt with her husband for more than five years, found her blood pressure falling from too much blood loss due to the attack. Doctors in the local hospital attempted to get her arms and legs connected back to her body, but the loss of blood pressure prevented the operation from working, Reuters reported.

A video of the attack has reportedly also surfaced online, although multiple news outlets have been unable to verify its authenticity. The video shows a woman struggling in the water as a pool of blood slowly emerges around her, the BBC reported.

It is unclear as of press time as to who the woman in the video is, nor if it is related to the recent shark attack killings in the Red Sea.

Due to the attack, Major General Amr Hanafi, who is the Governor of the Red Sea Governorate, announced that the beaches surrounding the area be closed for the weekend as the Egyptian Ministry of Environment continues to investigate the case closely.

It is unclear if the shark in question is being hunted down by authorities.

Egypt does not typically suffer shark attacks, but a Czech tourist died in a previous attack in 2018 while a German tourist was killed in 2015. There was also a five-day period in 2010 in Sharm el-Sheikh where five tourists were attacked by sharks, killing one.

Two deaths in Egypt forced the beaches in the Red Sea to close for the weekend as two women were killed less than a mile from each other in what authorities believe was a shark attack. This is a representational image. Alex Steyn/Unsplash.

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