'Sin Senos Sí Hay Paraíso 2' Telemundo: What Happened On Episode 1 Of Telenovela?

'Sin Senos Sí Hay Paraíso' Telemundo Telenovela
Carmen Villalobos returned to the telenovela saga she starred in and we have the juicy details of her comeback. Telemundo

Carmen Villalobos returned to "Sin Senos Sí Hay Paraíso" and we got the backstory on how she survived after we thought her character Catalina Santana had died during "Sin Senos NO Hay Paraíso." Episode 1 opens up with the scene of Catalina's supposed death with La Diabla walking away from the bloody scene. At that same moment the first responders arrive and confirm that Catalina has a pulse and she is then rushed to the hospital.

Catalina arrives to emergencies and is operated by Santiago to save her life. Osvaldo goes to the hospital to ask for Catalina's body, but he is told that nobody with that name has been admitted there.

Meanwhile, La Diabla is hooking up with Marcial, who just bought her a new car. She goes to her neighborhood to show it off to everyone. She wants to make Doña Hilda jealous and makes a couple of rounds in front of her home so she can see her. Doña Hilda gets upset at Albeiro because she knows that he still loves Catalina and she fears that he could never forget her. Viewers also see that Doña Hilda is pregnant.

Martín, a TEA agent, goes to the hospital to ask about Catalina and Santiago tells him that she cannot leave because she is still in intensive care. Martin tells Santiago that it was a drugtrafficker that order her murder. La Diabla ends up betraying Marcial and he is taking to court and is then charged with smuggling cocaine into the U.S. and conspiracy of distributing it in the U.S. and gets 30 years in prison.

Catalina finally wakes up and tells Dr. Santiago that nobody tried to kill her, that in fact she wanted to die and ordered someone to do it for her. Before "killing herself" Catalina left two letters, one revealing why she wanted to die and another one that gives details of the cartel.

Santiago gets upset because he has been working hard to save Catalina's life and she actually wanted to die.

Doña Hilda finds out that Catalina "died". Catalina is invited to move to the U.S. and work for the TEA to disband the drug cartels. Before Catalina leaves, Santiago confesses that he loves her.

Carmen Villalobos is Catalina Santana "La Grande": While everyone believes her dead, Catalina survives the attack she ordered against herself. She recovers miraculously, thanks to the care and dedication of Santiago, the doctor in charge of her. The TEA becomes interested in her case, because Catalina can serve as a witness to prosecute the Cartels of Moron, Cardona, Titi and even Marcial Barrera, all of them imprisoned in the United States. A romance arises between Catalina and Santiago, and she eventually begins a new life with him in Miami, leaving her past behind, starting her own family, changing her identity and working with the TEA to capture who was once her best friend and now mortal enemy, Yesica.

"Sin Senos Sí Hay Paraíso" aires Monday through Friday at 9pm/8c on Telemundo.

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