A 47-year-old man who was vacationing in South Africa ended up with a harrowing experience after a snouted cobra was reportedly found at a toilet.

The man was vacationing at a South African nature reserve at that time when nature called. Unaware of any danger lurking, he went and ended up getting bitten in his private part. It didn’t take long for the pain to spread, leaving his weenie with a burning sensation.

Worse, the pain went as far as his abdomen and chest. It took three hours before the man from the Netherlands was transported to a hospital for proper treatment.

By the time he arrived in the trauma center, his genitals had already turned purple and swollen. He was suffering from scrotal necrosis as well, perhaps better known as tissue death in medical lingo.

Doctors gave the man eight doses of snake venom antiserum, tetanus prophylaxis, and antibiotics. The venom included a toxin, metalloproteinase, that can destroy red blood cells. This complicated matters, affecting his kidneys that led to him needing dialysis.

It was after a week where he returned to have the dead skin removed. The surgeon closed the wound on his scrotum and left a drain there. The surgeon also noted a hole in the shaft of his weenie.

When he returned to the Netherlands after nine days, the man’s suffering was not yet done. He developed a fever and received more antibiotics because bacteria, Klebsiella pneumonia and Enterobacter cloacae, were found in his wound.

He underwent more procedures, with more dead tissues found around his private part. His suffering seemed never-ending although no one had expected to be bitten by a snake in the genitals.

It was an unfortunate but unusual incident that others may want to pick up from, especially in places like South Africa. When using public toilets, it may be best to flush the toilet first to make sure that any substance (or living things in this case) are not around when it is time to go.

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