A Jamaican social media influencer was found dead on Friday after her body was discovered floating in the waters of the area, with the police looking for a person of interest as they investigate the influencer’s death.

Aneka “Slickianna” Townsend, also known under the moniker “Kayan,” was an Instagram influencer from St. James in Jamaica. The popular fashion influencer had many endorsement deals with fashion brands and had over 320,000 followers on her Instagram account, according to the New York Post.

Townsend’s body was found on Friday after beachgoers in the area noticed her partially-decomposing body in the water, forcing local officials to fish her body out and confirm her identity later on with the help of Townsend’s mother, The Sun reported.

Two key clues have been found regarding Townsend’s death: one is a towel covered with blood and another is a wig that were both recovered from the scene of the alleged crime. Her cause of death has yet to be confirmed by authorities.

Despite this, a person of interest has been identified by local authorities on the scene. They are currently looking for Rushane “Chizzie” Patterson, who was asked to come to the police station for questioning but has yet to be seen. Raids have also been conducted where a motor vehicle was seized by authorities.

“We have Rushane Patterson of Prosper, Hanover as a person of interest in this investigation and we are asking him to turn himself in to the police by 5pm,” Senior Superintendent Vernon Ellis said. “A series of operations have been conducted this morning in a [neighboring] parish and a vehicle was recovered.”

Many online have mourned Townsend’s death, especially as one of the last videos she had posted online showed her flaunting the purchase of her new house. She also reportedly leaves a young son behind after her death.

“My soul is sick off of this, you don’t deserve this,” a fan of Townsend said. “No woman deserves this. I wish I could lay it out all here but Slick you will forever live on in my heart.

“Anger, fear and resentment only represents the tip of what some of us are feeling. I choose to remember you happy, I choose to remember as a business woman as an influencer as my spirit twin.”

Jamaican Influencer Found Dead Rep. Pic
This is a representational image. Ronan Furuta/Unsplash.