Demonstrators gather in Ouagadougou
Deadly Attack In Burkina Faso Kills At Least 17, Including Foreign Nationals Photo by Olympia De Maismont/AFP via Getty Images

A military takeover has been declared over Burkina Faso as military junta soldiers announced they have seized power and overthrown the country’s president. On Monday, more than a dozen mutinous soldiers went on state television saying they have seized control of Burkina Faso and have detained President Roch Kaboré.

According to the BBC, an army officer representing the junta announced how their actions were driven by the deteriorating security situation and the growing discontent over Kabore’s failure to curb Islamist insurgency in the country.

Kabore’s whereabouts along with other detained government personnel were not disclosed but are said to be in a secure location. The junta army officer said the takeover was peacefully done without any physical violence against those who were detained and have retained respect for their dignity.

Capt. Sidsore Kaber Ouedraogo of the Patriotic Movement for Safeguarding and Restoration said they have decided to assume its responsibilities and put an end to Kabore’s presidency. The takeover came a day after a series of gunbattles as troops have seized barracks in the nation’s capital of Ouagadougou. Based on reports, Kabore is said to have submitted his resignation.

The military coup is the third occurrence in the region over the last 18 months. The new military regime will in effect suspend the ruling constitution of Burkina Faso and at the same time dissolve its National Assembly. A curfew has been imposed from 9 pm to 5 am as the country’s borders have also been closed.

In Ouedraogo’s statement, the country’s new leaders are working on a dateline that is acceptable to everyone to hold its new elections.

Crowds have gathered all over the capital as they took to the streets after the televised takeover announcement. Protesters cheered and honked their horns in support of the military takeover. “This is an opportunity for Burkina Faso to regain its integrity. The previous regime sunk us. People are dying daily. Soldiers are dying. There are thousands of displaced,” said protester, Manuel Sip. “The army should have acted faster in ousting the president,” he added.

Meanwhile, United Nations Chief Antonio Guterres has called on the coup leaders to lay down their arms as it reiterated its commitment to preserving Burkina Faso’s constitutional order. Guterres expressed his concern about the dissolution of the country’s government as he condemned the detention of the country’s government leaders.

Over 100 military members were said to have been involved in the coup plot since August.

A man holds a portrait of General Gilbert Diendere, a former right-hand man to deposed former President of Burkina Faso
A man holds a portrait of General Gilbert Diendere, a former right-hand man to deposed former President of Burkina Faso Blaise Compaore, while people gather at Nation square to support the Burkina Faso military in Ouagadougou on January 24, 2022. - The president of Burkina Faso was arrested on January 24, 2022 and detained by soldiers along with members of his cabinet, security sources said, one day after troops staged a mutiny in the jihadist-wracked country. Soldiers rose up at several army bases across the West African state on January 23, 2022, demanding the sacking of the military top brass and more resources to fight the Islamist insurgency that erupted in 2015. Photo by Olympia De Maismont/AFP via Getty Images

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