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A Republican prosecutor in Pennsylvania is facing charges of rape in connection with an attack on a woman in her own home last Sept. 18. Somerset County District Attorney Jeffrey L. Thomas allegedly entered the woman’s home without permission while carrying several cans of beer.

According to Fox News, police said the 36-year-old prosecutor and the woman have long known each other in a “professional capacity”. He reportedly tried to initiate a sexual relationship with her several times but she had repeatedly told him to stay away.

Thomas allegedly sent messages to the unidentified woman through Snapchat but despite being told off, he arrived at her residence around 11pm. Armed with several beer cans, he entered her home without her approval.

Authorities said in a statement that the woman admitted to slapping Thomas when he refused to leave her home. She then claimed that Thomas slapped her back then pulled down her bra and choked her before he bit her breasts and proceeded to rape her. The woman said Thomas only left her alone upon her reassurance that she would not call the police.

Following an investigation conducted by the Pennsylvania State Police, Thomas was arrested Wednesday. He is charged with rape, indecent assault, strangulation, simple assault and criminal trespass.

Legal representative to Thomas, Attorney Ryan Tutera told the New York Times, "We deny any allegations being made against him." Tutera has not mentioned whether Thomas had plans to resign from his post.

Meanwhile, Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro said in a statement, “The charges this defendant is facing for a violent attack are deeply disturbing.” "I commend the bravery of the victim that has come forward — that is never an easy thing to do, especially when your abuser is a powerful elected official," he added.

The case remains an open and ongoing investigation with a preliminary hearing scheduled Wednesday at 11am before Magisterial District Judge William Seger.

Thomas has been remanded to the Cambria County Prison and will remain in custody pending bail amounting to $5 million. His wife is said to be arranging bail money and working on his temporary release.

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