A 28-year-old man who was allegedly triggered by his mother’s request for a glass of water hacked her to death before killing his ailing father.

The bodies of 64-year-old Chandran, and his 54-year-old wife, Devi, of Palakkad, Kerala, India were found by neighbors on Monday morning, Jan. 10, police said.

The autopsy results revealed Devi had suffered 33 cuts on her body while Chandran had 29 wounds. 

The couple’s son, Sanal, who went missing after the incident, has been taken into police custody. The suspect has confessed to the crime and was brought to the crime scene, where he revealed shocking details of how he committed the murder, police said.

Sanal told the investigators that he had a quarrel with his mother a few days ago and that he had not been on good terms with her since then.

On Sunday night, just minutes before the gruesome crime, Sanal’s mother had asked him to bring her a glass of water. Provoked by his mother’s request, the suspect stormed into the kitchen backyard and returned with a sickle and a hatchet, which he used to hack his mother repeatedly, police said.

According to the reports, Devi collapsed to the floor on the first blow itself, however, Sanal continued to hack her multiple times until he made sure she was dead.

He then attempted to inject pesticide into his mother’s body but the syringe broke when he slipped on the blood splattered on the floor. So he poured it on her mouth and face, according to reports.

Meanwhile, Chandran, who had been confined to the bed for some time after suffering a spinal injury following a fall, started to cry out of fear. Sanal then ran to the bedroom and hacked his father several times, police said. 

After he made sure they both were dead, he took a long shower in his father’s bathroom. He then sat beside the bodies and ate an apple.

Before fleeing the scene through the back door, Sanal hid the bloodstained clothes and weapons in the backyard, police said.

The investigators have recovered the murder weapons and the blood-soaked T-shirt that Sanal was wearing at the time of the crime. The T-shirt had a print that read ‘Normal is boring’.

Sanal who escaped to Bengaluru city in Karnataka was arrested on Tuesday with the help of his brother, Sunil. The police told Sunil to phone Sanal and inform him that some burglars had murdered their parents and that he should come home immediately to perform their last rites. He was taken into custody at the railway station.

When the investigators asked Sanal why he had poured pesticide on the wounds of his parents, he told them he thought it would help absorb the blood

The police said Sanal, a drug addict, is a BTech graduate who was working as a salesman in a jewelry store in Mumbai, Maharashtra. He returned home last year after he lost his job during the Covid outbreak and had been living with his parents since then. 

Sanal was produced before the Palakkad Third Class Judicial Magistrate Court and has been remanded in judicial custody for 14 days. A further probe is underway.

Ax Representational image. Pixabay.