Fans are still reeling from Tuesday night's emotional season finale of "Sons of Anarchy." Throughout the series, viewers have witnessed the deaths of several characters, but nobody saw what happened on Tuesday coming. Actress Maggie Siff, who played Tara, the wife to SOA President Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam) will not be returning for the finale season next year as her character was killed off in a particularly brutal way. All season viewers saw Tara struggle with a decision that would have her leave Jax with her sons.

Ultimately Tara would return to Jax but mother-in-law Gemma (Katey Sagal) would not learn that Tara did not turn on the club or Jax until after her death. Gemma and Tara have had a volatile relationship all through the series. When Gemma and Tara come face to face Gemma attacks Tara and kills her. After the sheriff walks in he tells Gemma Tara did not betray anybody. Now Gemma will have to deal with the guilt of having murdered his son's wife and the mother of her grandchildren.

Actress Maggie Siff recently sat down with TV Guide and spoke about the emotional finale and her departure from the show. "I've known where it was headed since the beginning of the season," Siff said when asked if she knew what was coming. "After the first table read, we sat down and had a conversation, and Kurt told me what was going to happen." Kurt Sutter is the creator and lead writer on "Sons of Anarchy" and has a habit of throwing his viewers for a loop.

The buildup all season led viewers to believe that Jax would walk down a dark path and kill Tara for betraying the club. When Tara see Jax in the park Siff says the character had to mentally prepare herself for what she believed was the end. "She believed this is goodbye," Siff told TV Guide. "There is no other ending to this because I've betrayed him. That's one of Kurt's big themes in this family: if you cross that line, there's no going back from it. When she sees them she knows it's the end."

Siff continued by saying, "I think that scene was about saying what I have to say to him before I go, and saying what I have to say to him to try to protect my children one last time. She's not letting him off the hook in a way. At the same time, she's also really mourning herself and her own failures. I think she's really looking at all of her failed attempts and the really bad decisions she's made along the way, the first of which might be coming back to Charming."

One scene that Siff said she was glad Sutter included before Tara's death was the renewed love between Tara and Jax. After Jax makes his own deal with the D.A the couple embraces for the finale time. Both believed it would be the last time they made love before Jax goes to jail. Jax never could have expected that would have been the last time he saw his wife alive. "I didn't want the season to have them spiraling away from each other into alienation, despair and violence and death...we didn't want to destroy their bond."

For Maggie Siff she says the hardest part for her was not filming the death scene but filming the scene in which Jax is holding a lifeless Tara in his arms. Watching that scene, the show become real for a moment. It becomes real in the sense that you are witnessing the physical heartbreak of a man who just lost the love of his life. "When the scene at the end with Charlie was just really heartbreaking. I kept getting up off the floor crying for him and for the character. He's the one who's left behind. So, I wasn't crying for myself, I was crying for him and the character and the loss of their love."

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