Will Jax kill Tara tonight on the season 6 finale of "Sons of Anarchy"? It has been a roller coaster ride of a season thus far and tonight the events that led up to Tara taking Jax's boys and fleeing Charming will come to a head. The season began with Tara being released from jail and a school shooting in which a young boy used a gun sold by SAMCRO to kill several of his classmates. This led Jax to want out of the gun running business, he eventually gets the MC out but it is a hard, bloody path.

While Jax moved his club in the right direction his home life was falling apart and he didn't even know it. While Jax was concerned with club matters Tara, worried she may go back to jail concocted a scheme in which she faked a pregnancy, blamed Gemma for a miscarriage and tried to get Wendy to take her boys out of Charming if she was put away again. Tara's plan blows up and is threatened with losing her boys. Desperate Tara comes up with another phony story to get Gemma away from the boys then takes them out of Charming.

All of this leads us to tonight's episode "A Mother's Work." What should we expect from the season finale? Well actress Maggie Siff who plays Tara, told Good Day LA (1) the finale will leave you breathless. Unable to give much away Siff said "Like all of Kurt Sutter's finales, there's lots of twists, turns and reversals and a surprise that will leave everyone breathless." There is no telling what that surprise could be but if it is yet another death of a major character (Clay bought it last week) the only real options are Tara or Juice.

Last week we saw that Juice was having a hard time coping with the death of Clay. While getting a massage from one of Nero's girls Juice overdosed on oxycodone. Nero and Gemma help Juice throw up the pills. When Gemma leaves Juice makes a surprising confession. Juice tells Nero that he is sorry for killing his cousin's old lady, who just happened to be the mother of the school shooter. Jax had Juice kill the woman but told Nero she overdosed. Juice kept apologizing as Nero looked more and more angry and betrayed.

So tonight we can expect (2) Nero to have a confrontation with Jax and (3) Jax to have a confrontation with Juice. In the promo for tonight's episode we see Jax tell Juice that he betrayed him. Juice has come close to losing his life in the past. In season four Juice tries to take his own life. In Season 5 fans worry that Juice would be killed after he cooperated with a federal agent to keep a family secret hidden. The season 6 finale of "Sons of Anarchy" will be two hours long with a live interview after.

Show creator Kurt Sutter and actresses Maggie Siff and Katey Sagal will sit down for an interview after "A Mother's Work" airs. This could lead us to suspect a (4) major confrontation between Gemma and Tara. In the promo we see a shirtless Jax grabbing Tara and throwing her. This could lead you to believe he tracked her down and is going to kill her. But just when you think you've figured "SOA" out you get thrown another curve ball. An epic blow up between Gemma and Tara has been a long time coming. What do you think will happen between them tonight on "Sons of Anarchy"?

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