The season six finale of "Sons of Anarchy" was emotional to say the least. Charlie Hunnam's performance was Emmy worthy and if you don't think so just go and re-watch the last 10-minutes of "A Mother's Work." For all of season six we saw Tara (Maggie Siff) and Gemma (Katey Sagal) butting heads over what each thinks is best for Jax's children. We also saw Tara wrestle with her loyalty to Jax and her love for her sons. Tara would flee Charming with her boys in order to deal with her decision. Ultimately it would lead her back to Jax.

Gemma had no idea Tara did not rat on the club or that Jax made his own deal that would keep his wife and his club out of jail. Teller agreed to give himself up if the D.A left his family alone. Patterson agreed and the plan was for Jax to be picked up from his home at 6pm and taken into custody. All of SAMCRO was told about the deal and agreed to abide by Jax's wishes. Gemma was still under the impression that Tara turned on the MC.

When the two women came face to face Gemma attacked Tara, grabbed her and shoved her head into a sink full of water then stabbed her in the back of the head with a carving fork. Sherriff Eli (Rockmond Dunar) was outside Tara's speaking with Juice (Theo Rossi) when he heard the commotion inside. Eli found Gemma sitting on the floor saying "it had to be done." Eli tells Gemma that Tara did not rat. Just as he was about to call in Tara's murder Juice shoots him in the back and later gets rid of the evidence in order to protect Gemma.

Jax comes home and discovers Tara and Eli dead in the kitchen. At that moment the president of the Sons of Anarchy falls apart. He rushes to Tara and holds her in his arms crying and wailing. His face turns bright red and the eerier part of that scene is realizing you are not watching a good actor play a part. Watching Jax cry over Tara you are seeing the reality of a man mourn the loss of his wife. In the six seasons of "Sons of Anarchy" no scene has ever evoked as much emotion and pain as watching Jax hold Tara's lifeless body in his arms.

Season six has not even been over 24-hours and fans are already looking toward season seven, which will likely be the show's last. The major question is whether or not Jax will learn it was his mother that murdered his wife. Last night we saw Juice get rid of Gemma's clothing and the carving fork she used on Tara. At the beginning of the season we met a disturbed young girl who believes her mother's death was the fault of the club. We also saw that there was a homeless woman that bore a striking resemblance to the girl's supposedly dead mother.

This same homeless woman saw Juice get rid of the evidence and toss it in a dumpster. If the homeless woman is in fact the young girl's mother it is possible her story will somehow intertwine with Jax's. Obviously the homeless woman does not known the story behind Juice's actions but she may have some part to play in Jax's discovery of the truth. "Sons of Anarchy" has taken on the traits of a Greek Tragedy as the main character is forever suffering. Gemma seems to have gone mad and like most of the classic tragedies she will likely go madder still as she tries to deal with the guilt of murdering the mother of her grandchildren.

In an interview with show creator Kurt Sutter gave a small hint at how Gemma would be dealing with all of this next season. "I think it was difficult for Katey,' Sutter said when asked how his wife reacted to the news Gemma would kill Tara. "And I think it will continue to be difficult next season. The burden of that secret will be difficult, for the character and the actress."

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