‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Season 6 Spoilers: Tara Divorcing Jax? Will the SAMCRO King And Queen Make It Through This Season? [VIDEO]

Sons Of Anarchy
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'Sons of Anarchy' characters Jax (Charlie Hunnam) and Tara (Maggie Siff) have been through a lot over the past five seasons. Attempted rape, the murder of a federal agent, kidnapping, pregnancy, another attempted kidnapping are just some of the ups and downs the pair have faced. Now it seems everyone's favorite club couple is about to face their biggest challenge yet. Tara could be facing jail time and is looking to keep her sons safe and that might mean keeping them away from Jax, Gemma (Katey Sagal) and the MC.

In episode two of season six Tara is released from jail on bail. She is awaiting her trial as an accessory to the murder of a nurse. Something happened to change Tara while she was in jail. She refused to see or speak with Jax and when she was released asked her boss to run some of her blood work to see if she was pregnant. Could she have been raped in jail? While Tara's lawyer was going over her case with her client she mentioned serving Jax with divorce papers.

Why would Tara want to leave Jax? Did she fall out of love with him? Is it because of something that happened in jail? Or could it be that she has had enough of the danger and violence that goes along with being the old lady of an MC's president? All of these questions will hopefully be answered as the season moves along. SOA creator Kurt Sutter spoke with TV Line about the direction Tara's character is going. Sutter told TV Line for Tara this season it is all about family and protecting her boys.

"Her quest will always be about: What's best for my family?" Sutter said. "There's a line in Episode 3 where she's talking to Unser and he mentions something about her and her prison friends, and she's just looking at the boys and says, "You know, it's not about me anymore." I really think that's how Tara feels. She has that higher sense of what's best for her family, and that will be her motivation for the season - and very much in a Gemma, bigger picture kind of way."

Actress Maggie Siff also opened up about her character's change this season in an interview with TV Buddy. Episode two was an emotional one for Tara and Jax. When Tara was released from jail the pair did not speak a word to each other. In the final scene of the episode Jax and Tara are having sex and Tara is far from connected to her husband in that moment. She keeps looking away from him with tears in her eyes.

Siff spoke about those two scenes saying, "There was no dialog scripted. There was some conversation about how we shoot it and what kind of looks get exchanged and how much gets communicated without language." When asked about the love scene Siff said, I was just sad. You know, well, filming those scenes is always so awkward. It's just further evidence of their disconnect and going through the motions. Charlie and I have a real shorthand for how we do those things and deal with those thing and talk about those things."

"We talked about it and were like, "Alright, here we go" and we did it and it was sad and hard, but I think it was a good moment for the show, to show the depth of how disconnected they are, that even in the middle of that they couldn't be further apart," Siff continued. What does the future hold for Jax and Tara? Season six, episode three of "Sons of Anarchy" will air on FX Tuesday night at 10pm eastern. Check out a fan made YouTube video all about Jax and Tara below!

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