Actress Drea De Matteo has been upgraded from guest star to series regular on the hit FX show “Sons of Anarchy.” The actress best known for her role as Adrianna on the successful HBO drama “The Sopranos” and has made sporadic appearances on “Sons of Anarchy” over the show’s six season. E! News has confirmed that Drea De Matteo has been promoted from guest star to series regular for the show’s finale season. Matteo plays Wendy Case a relapsed drug addict and Jax Teller’s (Charlie Hunnam) first wife. Wendy is also the biological mother of Jax’s first born son Able.

Wendy’s use of drugs while pregnant damaged her Able’s heart and she was made to give up rights to her son and then left town. Jax then moved on with his life and Able got a new mom in the form of Tara (Maggie Siff) Jax’s high school love. Tara returned to Jax in season one after a stalker pushed her back into the arms of the only man who could ever protect her. Jax and Tara would have a passionate yet rocky relationship for six seasons. Ultimately it would end with Tara’s death at the hands of Jax’s overbearing mother Gemma (Katey Sagal).

Season six ended with a reconciliation between Tara and Jax following a possible divorce and Tara’s ratting out SAMCRO’s illegal gun activity. The couple made up and came up with a plan that would protect the MC and Tara so that only Jax would be the one going to jail. Gemma had no idea Jax made this arraignment and attacked Tara in the kitchen of her own home. Gemma thought Tara was a rat and that she was trying to take her grandchildren out of Charming. Gemma murders Tara by stabbing her in the back of the head.

Wendy was a vital part of “Sons of Anarchy” season six. When Tara was planning on leaving town with her boys there was the possibility she was going to go to jail as an accessory to a murder committed in season five. If that happened Tara planned on making Wendy the guardian of her boys so she could get them out of Charming and away from the violent life growing up in the shadow of the MC would bring them. With Tara gone it is likely that Wendy will return to try and see her son once more.

As Wendy was coming down off of a relapse she hysterically admitted to Able that she not Tara was the boy’s real mother. Season seven is likely to show Wendy coming out of rehab and looking to get back into Able’s life. The future of Jax’s second son and Tara’s little boy Thomas is still uncertain. No doubt Gemma will do all she can to keep both boys close. But if Wendy were to play a role in Able’s life she may grow close to Thomas as well.

After all Wendy did say in season four that she respected everything Tara has done for Able. Despite their differences Wendy may want to honor what Tara did by looking after Thomas. Wendy has always been a complicated character but Drea De Matteo plays her in an almost poetic manner. With Wendy appearing as a regular character the finale season of “Sons of Anarchy” should be filled with a lot of family drama. The major question on everyone’s mind is whether or not Jax will ever learn it was his mother whom murdered his wife.