Ricky Gervais Eric Bana Raul Castillo America Ferrera
Ricky Gervais, Eric Bana, Raul Castillo and America Ferrera star in the upcoming Netflix original movie "Special Correspondents." Courtesy photo: Netflix

The Netflix original film “Special Correspondents,” starring Ricky Gervais and Eric Bana has set its release date for April 29! The film also stars Benjamin Bratt, Vera Farmiga, Raúl Castillo, America Ferrera, Kevin Pollak and Kelly Macdonald. The story follows a struggling New York radio journalist, played by Bana, who is faking war reports from the frontlines from a hiding spot in New York. In addition to writing, producing and directing the film, Gervais plays Bana’s most-likely, useless assistant, and Bratt plays their arch-nemesis.

The co-production was in charge of Bron Studios and Unanimous Entertainment with producers Gervais, Chris Coen from Unanimous, and Aaron L. Gilbert from Bron. Manuel Munz and Larry Sanitsky. Jason Cloth and Ron McLeod are the executive producers. Reportedly (and seemingle from social media) the actors had an absolute blast on set. Add this to the list of movies we cant wait to watch this year.

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