“Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil” returned for its fourth and final season with an hour-long premiere on Disney Channel. “Butterfly Follies” and “Escape From The Pie Folk” shared quite a few discoveries, including an impostor in Pie Carnival and who the baker is in Pie Island. Fans shared theories on how the animated series may possibly end, including Globgor as the ultimate villain.

Top-rating Disney Channel show “Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil” launched its final season last Sunday. The anticipated Season 4 continued with the cliffhangers from the Season 3 finale, like the changes in the kingdom of Mewni under Eclipsa Butterfly’s reign as queen. Queen Eclipsa’s rule means that monsters can come and go anytime they want to Mewni.

“Butterfly Follies” showed an army of Queen Eclipsa knocking piece by piece the crystal enclosing her monster husband, Globgor. Its seems that Eclipsa is trying to free Globgor from its prison. This could pave the way for a fan theory suggesting Globgor as the ultimate villain.

According to the theory, Globgor’s monstrous physical feature alone spells danger. Eclipsa, Globgor’s wife, imprisoned him in the crystal after threatening her family. Globgor is called the King of Monsters, which strengthens the possibility of a face-off with Star.

Season 4 of “Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil” unveiled some mysteries, including the scene in “Escape From Pie Folk,” where Star looked for mother Moon and found her on stage. Star and Marco kidnapped Moon only to find out that it was not Moon but an actor named Erik dressed up as Moon.

Star made another discovery when Fool Duke saved them by bidding for them in the public auction. Fool Duke revealed that Star’s original family is a native of Pie Island. The uncovering led to another one as Star searches for her mother — she checks the pie from the Island and recognized the pie’s crust as something from her mother’s.

As it turns out, Moon was hidden in a volcano and was held as King Pie’s prisoner. Moon is Pie Island’s star baker, and King Pie does not want her to leave. With the help of Fool Duke, who saved the day once again, Moon came along with Star and Marco to Mewni.

“Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil” Season 4 will continue with Episode 3 entitled “Moon Remembers/Swim Suit,” which will air on March 17 on Disney Channel.