The appearance of a balloon-like unidentified flying object (UFO) in the Japanese skies has left netizens confused and baffled.

The strange object, which did not resemble a bird or a plane, was seen in the sky in the city of Sendai in Japan on Tuesday, June 17 around 7 a.m. local time. The origin of the object that looked like a large, white and unmanned balloon has not been confirmed as yet but the Japan Meteorological Agency denied that it's theirs.

The object, which appeared to be attached to two crossed propellers, continued to remain suspended in the air, motionless, for a few hours. Later, it drifted over to the Pacific Ocean.

The object seemed to resemble a weather balloon, over anything else. But the Japan Meteorological Agency says that they do not know anything about it. While a spokesperson from the Sendai bureau said that it is not theirs, Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga denied possessing any knowledge concerning the origin of the UFO sighted in Japan.

"The object looks like a balloon for monitoring weather, but it's not ours," confirmed the Sendai bureau.

Kyushu University's aeronautics department has also denied the object belonged to them. Meanwhile, the police flew a helicopter to confirm the presence of the UFO and even consulted several organizations and authorities – all of which refused their association with the object.

The mysterious object in Japan has received nationwide attention and has sparked a debate involving the government. Yoshihide Suga confirmed that the government is aware of the mysterious object and is looking into it.

However, it disregarded suggestions indicating it could be the work of foreign governments or may cause any harm in any way.

The officials lost track of the object as it flew past the Pacific Ocean after remaining in the sky for several hours.

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