The cast and crew are currently busy working on “Stranger Things” Season 4. If the past is any indication, there will be another big death featured on the show when it returns. According to a new theory, the person the TV series can kill next could be Steve Harrington (Joe Keery).

The following article contains spoilers from the previously aired episodes of “Stranger Things.”

Some of the characters that the TV series has killed include Bob Newby (Sean Astin), Billy (Dacre Montgomery), and Jim Hopper (David Harbour). According to a theory by TopBuzzTrends, the character that may be the next in line to leave may be Steve.

With three seasons under their belt, the report pointed out that the show is facing the risk of becoming monotonous, unless the producers do something dramatic to shake things up. The death of a major character like Steve could do the trick, provided that it is done correctly, and the TV series has established itself well for the showrunners to take some calculated risks.

So far, the threats the heroes face has been more or less the same. They usually encounter a threat from the Upside Down, and face obstacles created by the people in a lab or hospital. With the death of Steve in “Stranger Things” Season 4, it will not only break the monotony of the danger, but also give the writers a chance to explore the relationships of the remaining characters a little better.

There will once again be just eight episodes on the show this time around, TV Line reported. Production is expected to begin in January and wrap up by August.

The production schedule of “Stranger Things” Season 4 suggests that the release date will not be in the summer. Showrunners Matt and Ross Duffer have also hinted that they are going to change things up in the TV series, with the story possibly moving away from Hawkins.

Stranger Things
"Stranger Things" may end with Season 4. Stranger Things/Facebook

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