A summer camp in Juneau, Alaska reportedly fed twelve children toxic floor sealant for breakfast instead of serving them milk on Tuesday, June 14.

Twelve children between the ages of 5 and 12 and two adults were reportedly given Hillyard Seal 341 floor sealant instead of milk during their breakfast at a rally program on Tuesday that was being held at Sít’ Eetí Shaanáx Glacier Valley School in Juneau, Alaska, the Daily Beast reported.

Rally camp officials only notified the parents of the children's circumstances after calling the poison control center and monitoring them for illness rather than involving the parents as soon as they knew that the error was made.

The mishap is currently being investigated by the Juneau Police Department. According to JSD Chief of Staff Kristin Barlett, the mistake reportedly happened within the NANA Management Services, which caters to the camp.

“All breakfast components were served by NANA Management Services staff and placed on food service trays, which students brought to a cafeteria table to consume,” Barlett said.

Shortly after breakfast was served, students complained of the milk tasting bad and burning their mouths and throat. The staff immediately followed up by smelling and tasting the milk and looking at the liquid's container and label. Once the camp officials realized the mishap, staff instructed all children to stop consuming their drinks and called the local poison control center for help. However, they did not immediately alert the parents of the children and informed them nearly three hours after breakfast was served, Alaska Public Media reported.

“I don’t see my daughter going there anymore,” Barry Nydam, whose 7-year-old daughter drank some of the sealant, said.

“You’d have to have the people running it removed and new people running it,” Nydam added.

Nydam's wife, Rhyan Nydam, said she got the call from a program administrator only at noon, which was about a few hours after the incident happened. Rhyan added that the authorities initially told her that it was paint thinner in the milk and not sealant.

Rhyan added that the authorities told her that no one needed to be hospitalized.

“I just can’t believe it took so long even just to tell me, you know? If I wanted to run my kid to the hospital, I wouldn’t have even known,” she said.

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