Super Bowl 50 is a mere hours away and so before you sit down in front of your big screen television with a cold beer and a bag of chips to watch the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos do battle against each other, we suggest you brush up on your Super Bowl facts and knowledge with a little trivia quiz.

If you're hosting a Super Bowl party, or find yourselves at one, feel free to break the ice with these questions, and perhaps impress your friends and family in the process.

The Super Bowl is all about competition so compete against those around you with trivia surround the game and see who knows the most about football, the Super Bowl and more. So read off the questions below for the partygoers around you, or print them out and test your friends at your Super Bowl event, hopefully you'll have more luck than the Broncos will at stopping Cam Newton.

1.     Q: Speaking of Cam Newton, who is the only quarterback to have won a national championship (college), the Hesiman Trophy and a Super Bowl?

A: (Trick Question, if Carolina wins, Cam Newton would become the first)

2.     Q: Former Super Bowl MVP, Kurt Warner , will be at Super Bowl 50. He currently holds spots 1, 2, and 3 on the single-game passing yards for Super Bowls. Can you name who’s 4th?

A: (Donovan McNabb, 357 yards against the New England Patriots)

3.     Q: There are only four current NFL teams who have not won the Super Bowl, which are they?

A: (Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, Houston Texans and Jacksonville Jaguars)

4.     Q: Both Carolina Panthers head coach Ron Rivera and Denver Bronco's head coach Gary Kubiak replaced which current NFL Coach?

A: (John Fox – Chicago Bears)

5.     Q: What is the largest age difference between two starting quarterbacks in Super Bowl history? (hint: It's happening on Sunday)

A: (Cam Newton and Peyton Manning, Super Bowl 50, 13 years and 38 days)

6.     Q: If Cam Newton wins the Super Bowl MVP, he will become the 7th player in NFL history to win the Regular Season MVP and the Super Bowl MVP in the same season. Can you name the other six?

A: (Bart Starr -1966, Joe Namath -1968, Terry Bradshaw – 1978, Joe Montana -1989, Steve Young – 1994, Kurt Warner – 1999)

7.     Q: Peyton Manning could become the oldest quarterback to win the Super Bowl in NFL history. Who currently is the oldest? (hint: he was also a Denver Bronco)

A: (John Elway – 1999, 38 years old)

8.     Q: A 30-second Super Bowl commercial costs $5 million. Do you know what it cost in 1966 for Super Bowl 1?

A: ($42,500)

9.     Q: If the Carolina Panthers win Super Bowl 50, Ron Rivera will become just the fourth person in NFL history to win the Super Bowl as both a player and coach. Can you name the other three?

A: (Mike Ditka, Tom Flores and Tony Dungy)

10. Q: The Denver Broncos are making their 8th Super Bowl appearance, tied for the most in NFL history. Can you name the other three teams who share the record?

A: (New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Dallas Cowboys)

11. Q: Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson used his bonus money from playing in the 1959 NFL Championship game to co-found what restaurant chain?

A: (Carl's Jr./ Hardee's)

12. Q: Since the NFL Playoffs expanded to 12 teams in 1990, the No. 1 seeds from each conference have met in the Super Bowl how many times? (hint: this year is the third consecutive)

A: (six times)

13. Q: Peyton Manning needs 140 passing yards to become the sixth quarterback in Super Bowl history to throw for at least 1,000 yards. Can you name the other five quarterbacks?

A: (Terry Bradshaw, John Elway, Joe Montana, Kurt Warner and Tom Brady)

14. Q:  Who has the record for most receptions in a Super Bowl game?

A:  (Denver Broncos WR Demaryius Thomas -13)

15. Q: Before the season began, what were the odds that the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers would meet in Super Bowl 50?

A: ( 184 to 1)