‘Supergirl’ Season 4 New Promo Shows Off Melissa Benoist's Russian Accent

All the moving pieces that “Supergirl” Season 4 has been setting up are finally coming together. The Red Daughter, first teased in the finale of the previous season, is at last making her presence known in the next episode of the series titled “The House Of L.”

The Red Daughter has only appeared in a few episodes ever since she was introduced, but she was completely detached from the Agent of Liberty storyline until now. It turns out she is connected to the arrival of Jon Cryer's Lex Luthor.

The title of next week's episode of Season 4 of “Supergirl” is a Luthor twist to the House of El. The promo teases that Lex will use the superpowered clone in Russia to “bend” the original Supergirl, whom he met in the previous episode after tricking Lena into giving him a second life.

Also thanks to the 30-second preview (check it out below), fans finally get to hear the Red Daughter speak for the first time. “I will follow you and destroy her,” Melissa Benoist tells Lex in her Russian accent. 

Benoist has played several versions of Kara Zor-El throughout her stint, and this iteration is by far the most different, at least in terms of the transformations that the role requires. This is the first time a version of her character speaks in another accent, so her Russian definitely isn't going to go unnoticed.

It is unclear how Lex convinces the Red Daughter to fight on his side, but it looks like he has been preparing for this moment. It is likely that he was the one who had her trained all this time, possibly so that he can have a countermeasure for when he and Supergirl inevitably cross paths.

Fans will know the real deal soon, though, as “Supergirl” executive producers are teasing that the next few episodes will reveal what Lex has been up to, including how he made connection to the other Supergirl.

Viewers will also learn how he met Lena's assistant, Eve, who has been helping him all this time unbeknown to her boss. “Everything that he’s doing permeates the rest of the season,” EP Robert Rovner teased TVLine

“Supergirl” Season 4, Episode 16, “The House of L,” airs March 24 on The CW.

Supergirl Season 4 Lex Luthor is set to bring National City to its knees when "Supergirl" Season 4 returns. Supergirl/Facebook

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