Paulina Rubio posted a message on social media that has left fans worried. The former "X Factor USA" judge asked her followers on Twitter to say a prayer for her mother Susana Dosamantes. "Hello! To everyone I need a prayer for the health of my mother," she tweeted. "Help me everyone." The tweet alarmed all of her fandom and the messages of support quickly poured in for the singer's mother that she retweeted in her timeline.

Hours later, Rubio's brother Enrique Rubio tweeted the following: "Everything is fine. Thank you to everyone that has worried about my mother's health, nothing that can't be prevented #checkup." By the looks of it Dosamantes is doing well and the hashtag that Enrique used seemed to be only a checkup. Could it possibly be that Susana was receiving results of an exam and they went to the doctor's to find out if everything was fine?

As of now, neither Paulina, nor Enrique, nor Dosamantes have revealed the cause of the scare, but the latter did write a message to fans. "I am fine, everything has a solution," she tweeted. "Thank you to everyong for your prayers and good wishes. I feel your affection and good vibes. Everything is fine."

Dosamantes is currently starring in the Univision telenovela "Tres Veces Ana." In the drama series that stars Angelique Boyer and Sebastián Rulli, Dosamantes gives life to Ernestina. She is the grandmother of the triplets. Within the storyline, Ernestina is suffering from a heart condition and is very ill. She has not revealed her health status to her granddaughters as she doesn't want to create a burden for them. The girls have suffered the loss of both of their parents and don't want them rehashing the moment and thinking of her death. "Tres Veces Ana" airs weeknights at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT on Univision.