Tabloids can never really tire of concocting stories that suggest how Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are “stealing” resources from the Royal Family. Despite how bogus these claims sound, they continue to make for interesting narratives -- precisely why gossip mills continue to churn them.

A recent report by the “Woman’s Day” cited how the British royal family’s finances have been in the doldrums.  '$35 million Missing' reads the headline of the report, hinting at an obvious foul-play by the Sussexes. While the pandemic intensified the financial woes, Prince Charles is apparently infuriated at the royal family's usual suspects for having a significant role to play in the family's dwindling finances.

The report further claimed that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex withdrew “a large chunk of change from the royal purse before” before they decided to start life anew in America. This in a way had allegedly led to the Queen’s treasurer making an outrageous claim -- “the bank should expect to run at a $35 million loss by March 2021.”

The media outlet goes into detail, and cites that Prince Charles apparently spent “$901,000 more than usual on” his two sons, and a questionable source says “most of that went to Meghan.” “Her wardrobe costs alone far exceeded usual spends,” the source added. The outlet suggests how Sussex’s trip to South Africa was a total fund drainer, as Harry and Markle ended up traveling on private chartered jets with security and the like.

The storyline follows a predictable climax and projects Middleton as the “good woman” who’s willing to endure it all to get the family’s finances on track. The tabloid claimed how Kate Middleton is thinking of “working harder, most likely for less” to make sure they compensate for the loss.

First things first. Gossip Cop decided to dive deeper and get to the root of the controversial report. And, well, turns out, there were many loopholes in the story. The expenses from Harry and Markle’s South Africa trip, as cited in the report, made no sense as it was an official royal duty. So, if Markle is pulled up for going on a trip that’s part of her duties, it’s as good as slamming her for paying heed to The Queen.

While there could be a financial loss, thanks to the pandemic, it really has nothing to do with Markle. Lastly, matters pertaining to the royal finances and finding falls within the ambit of financial managers who work for the monarchy. Kate Middleton isn't responsible for any of it. Moreover, Markle has been on the receiving end of too extortion-centric stories that hint at her role as a fund drainer.

Earlier, another rumor floated about, suggesting how Markle had her eyes set of Princess Diana’s jewelry worth $10 million. A recent rumor also hinted at how she “ended up extorting the royal family for $90 million in hush money under threat of a tell-all documentary about the Princess of Wales.”

Truth be told, none of the reports contain an iota of truth. Markle and Harry have their sights set on loftier goals, and they’re using their influence to voice matters that require attention. Lastly, it’s plain absurd to accuse Markle of having anything to do with the royal family. The former “Suits” actor has officially exited the royal dynamics and is working on building a brand for herself and Harry as they look forward to bigger innings with Netflix.

prince harry meghan markle Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex depart Canada House on January 07, 2020 in London, England. Chris Jackson/Getty Images