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The recent trip to Milwaukee by The Tampa Bay Rays could turn into an epic haunted hotel episode. The Rays baseball team decided to check in at the historic Pfister Hotel in Downtown Milwaukee rumored to be haunted--laying the perfect opportunity for the team to possibly get into a little mischief. A number of the team players who are easily spooked by the paranormal could well fall into a number of pranks and will be getting nightmares instead of sweet dreams.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, beefy, Cuban infielder, Yandy Diaz is one of the unfortunate players that will have to endure the spooky, vintage hotel as he is the one that is most terrified of ghosts. To add to his misfortune, he had disclosed this seemingly harmless detail to his teammates who naturally seized the opportunity for some good pranks. Prior to their stay, a sticker of a cartoon ghost was taped to Diaz’s locker back in Detroit, with the word “cuidado” or “watch out'' in Spanish.

Diaz planned on moving to a different hotel, but he was convinced to stay in a room in the newly built, unhaunted, tower of the historical hotel. A team interpreter said that Diaz was adamant about getting a ghost-free room.

An outfielder from the team, Roman Quinn, heard stories of ghostly encounters from his former Philadelphia teammates who made frequent check-ins in the hotel. Encounters such as impressions on a bed that looks like a person sitting, clothes being placed in one spot then winding up in another place later on, and people in the hallways that vanish after a second glance. Ji-Man Choi, the team’s all-arounder, who is quite fearful of ghosts mentions seeing apparitions all over the hotel. Some of his paranormal experiences include hugs and whispers.

The Pfister, alongside St. Petersburg’s Vinoy Renaissance resort, are some of the most gossiped places amongst baseball players when it comes to topics such as ghosts, and strange encounters. Both hotels are mentioned in the book “Haunted Baseball: Ghosts, curses, legends, & eerie events.” The Team Pitcher, Ryan Yarbrough, expects their stay to be really interesting in the next few days, as this will be The Ray’s first visit since 2011.

Pfister Hotel
Pfister Hotel on September 20, 2014 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Photo By Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

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