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A religious education teacher in Scotland is accused of having an inappropriate relationship after marrying his pupil in 2015 while teaching at Largs Academy in Ayrshire. Gavin Dunsmuir, 49, is currently placed on a temporary restriction order by the General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS) while awaiting further examination and evidence to be presented at the council hearing.

According to the Daily Record, Dunsmuir left his wife and married 23-year-old Megan Reid earlier this year. Reid, who was being “mentored” by Dunsmuir at the school that time time, was often seen sitting alone with the teacher as their closeness was observed by colleagues on a daily basis.

During a hearing with the GTCS, former co-teachers stated how they expressed their concerns of Dunsmuir and Reid seeming to display an obvious closeness. More suspicions came to light after they were spotted by a fellow teacher at a Lounge bar in Largs “looking like a couple”.

Another colleague told the council that he was dumbfounded when Dunsmuir turned up at his house with Reid in his car. When he inquired why he had Reid with him, Dunsmuir said he had plans of using her as a babysitter for his daughter.

Apparently Dunsmuir’s wife had become aware of the couple’s rumored relationship. Their daughter revealed to her mother that her father has a girlfriend. Upon learning this, Dunsmuir’s wife informed the school as well as North Ayrshire Council and each confirmed that her then husband no longer worked for them.

Dunsmuir shacked up with Reid and eventually left his wife. The couple, who have a 26-year age gap, had their first child in 2018. They now have two children together.

The GTCS will also hear evidence against Dunsmuir regarding an alleged non-consensual sex act with a child between 1991 and 1993.

The notice of hearing reads: “On two separate occasions between 1991 and 1993, in the knowledge that Child A was under the legal age limit to provide consent, you did have sexual intercourse with Child A without her consent.”

A probe was conducted in 2018 on Dunsmuir but this reportedly never came to a conclusion.

Meanwhile, the council has scheduled a full hearing on the case on Monday and July 30, respectively to determine and decide if Dunsmuir is fit to remain in the teaching profession.

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