A teenager in Oklahoma has been charged on Monday, Nov. 22, with killing his step-father and, in an entirely separate case, murdering an Air Force veteran while the veteran was asleep in his bed.

Robert Stockton, Jr., a 17-year-old boy, is facing two counts of first-degree murder for the death of his step-father Anthony “Tony” Cannon, and for the death of Air Force veteran Stephen Courtemanche, NBC affiliate KFOR News reported.

Stockton’s mother, 41-year-old Maryann Beal, is also facing a first-degree murder charge in connection to the death of Tony Cannon, while 15-year-old Cameron Long and 19-year-old Aaron Wilson are receiving a first-degree murder charge for Courtemanche’s death, according to Law&Crime.

A teenage witness and possible friend of Stockton said that Robert went into the bathroom while Cannon was in the shower and shot him multiple times in the head and chest. Stockton and Beal then bought $200 worth of gasoline and burned his body at his property in Harrah, Oklahoma on Aug. 8.

Beal was said to have been planning to kill Cannon beforehand, but that Stockton insisted on killing the victim, shooting him with a 9mm handgun that police found through an anonymous tip.

“Through an anonymous tip from a citizen in Lincoln County, investigators with the assistance of Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office were able to recover the murder weapon responsible for the death of Tony Cannon and Stephen Courtemanche,” Captain Robert Tye of the Oklahoma Sheriff’s Office said.

Meanwhile, within the same month, Stockton and his friends Long and Wilson allegedly broke into the house of Stephen Courtemanche and shot him multiple times in his bed. While the three have agreed that Wilson was the one that broke in, none of them have corroborated as to who shot Courtemanche to death.

Stockton had reportedly planned the break-in, as the trio was in search of guns that they could steal.

It is not known if the prosecutors will be pursuing the death penalty in either one of Stockton’s cases.

Oklahoma teen Robert Stockton, Jr. has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder for the separate killings of his step-father and of an Air Force veteran. This is a representational image. Maxim Hopman/Unsplash.com

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