An upsetting video of a teen with autism being beaten by two teenagers at Howell High School has emerged online. The video that was shot by a bystander has become an evidence in an investigation conducted by police.

Warning: Disturbing content

In the footage, the teen with autism can be heard shouting in pain as his two classmates repeatedly kick and punch him then steal his shoes before leaving.

Anne Richardson, who runs The Arc Livingston County, an advocacy group for those with developmental disabilities, watched the video and said "that poor kid", and how awful for him to go through something like this. The mother of a child with autism wondered why someone would do this, reported Fox 2 Detroit.

Richardson, who said that Howell schools have a good reputation for advocating for children with disabilities, feels that so much more work has to be done to make sure people are tolerated and accepted.

The incident happened on the school's campus last week. Howell Public Schools Superintendent Erin MacGregor issued a statement regarding the incident saying that the footage shows an assault on a student that happened shortly after the school day got over, according to Livingston Daily. He found the video disturbing, and said that it is troubling to know that the incident took place on their campus.

MacGregor reminded that the actions of "a few" are not representative of the entire school because "it was students who brought this matter to the high school’s attention," and that as a district and school, they don't tolerate this type of behavior. He shared that soon after learning of the incident, the school administration immediately worked to find the teens involved in it.

Howell Police Chief Scott Mannor's department is investigating the matter, but refused to give out any details as the investigation is ongoing.

The suspects are reportedly cooperating with the police investigation, and investigators want assault charges. It is unclear if the teenagers, who attacked the boy, will be charged as children or as adults.

Meanwhile, netizens are furious. One tweeted that the video was sent to her by her son, who is a student there. She said this was completely unacceptable.

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