A 16-year-old boy broke into his ex-girlfriend’s house and held her at knifepoint before stabbing the girl’s sister as she tried to defend her sibling.

The boy, who will not be named, has been charged as an adult because the assault involves the use of a deadly weapon.

The boy has been charged for two separate incidents that happened on Friday, July 23. In the first incident, the teen trashed his grandparents’ home, and the second and more serious one involves the minor victim and her family.

According to the police, on Friday afternoon, the teen suspect allegedly broke into his grandparents’ home in the 2000 block of Michael Street in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

The teen is accused of destroying electronics and potted plants. He also allegedly tossed pictures off the walls and several other items from cabinets all over the house, police said.

The boy then fled the scene and met up with his ex-girlfriend. He reportedly told the girl that he had burglarized his grandparents’ home.

The girl told the boy to stop speaking to her and asked him to stay away from her. However, the suspect continued to follow the girl and only left the scene when police were called.

After fleeing the scene, the suspect went to the girl’s home and broke in. He then went to her bedroom and hid inside her closet, police said.

He waited until the girl and her sister came home. At some point, the girl’s sister opened the closet door and found the suspect hiding inside.

The boy jumped out of the closet with a serrated knife. The sister, however, managed to escape the room before the suspect took a bed and barricaded himself and the girl inside the room, police said.

According to court records, the suspect repeatedly tried to stab the girl, reportedly telling her, "I have to do this. You can’t be with nobody else".

In an attempt to set herself free, the girl pulled the suspect’s hair and then kicked him, however, her attempts were in vain and the suspect continued to try and stab her, police said.

Meanwhile, the sister and the girls’ mother managed to break open the bedroom door. While the girls’ mother grabbed the boy and tried to keep him from stabbing her daughter, the sister rushed downstairs and grabbed a kitchen knife to help defend her sibling, police said.

The suspect overpowered the sister and stabbed her in the left wrist. The suspect fled the scene after the assault but was later caught by Bethlehem officers, Northampton County District Attorney Terry Houck said.

The girl suffered injuries to her palm and shin. She and her sister were rushed to the St. Luke’s University Hospital in Fountain Hill, where the sister underwent surgery.

During interrogation, the suspect told police that he damaged his grandparents’ home because he "hates" them and that he broke into the girl’s home because he wanted to "talk" to her.

The boy was arraigned Saturday morning on charges including aggravated assault with an attempt to cause bodily injury with a weapon, false imprisonment, stalking, burglary, and reckless endangerment.

He is being held at the Northampton County Prison on a $25,000 bond, court records show.

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