An unnamed 18-year-old woman from the Altai region in Russia was held captive, beaten and raped. To escape her assailants the teen took the drastic step of climbing out of the third-floor apartment window and jumped to the ground. She was luckily spotted by police officers who managed to catch her. The victim sustained injuries to her legs from the fall but her life was saved due to the heroic officers.

Officers Oleg Korobkin and Alexander Bedushev as well as cadet Olga Bebko tried to help the desperate woman by talking to her while she was on the building’s ledge, The Sun reported. They kept talking to the woman as two other officers entered the apartment building in Barnaul City. The officers tried desperately to calm the woman down and keep her from becoming unconscious, Korobkin said later.

Surveillance footage captured the woman leaping from the ledge of the third-floor apartment at a height of at least 30 feet. The officers managed to break her fall by partially catching her, saving her life. However, upon landing her feet hit the ground resulting in injuries. The officers stayed with the woman. They continued to try and calm her down till the ambulance arrived. She was then taken to a hospital where she was treated for her injuries, Sputnik news reported.

The Russian Investigative Committee revealed the events leading up to the woman’s desperate attempt at escape.

The victim has been lured to an apartment by a 19-year-old woman she knew. The older woman apparently had planned to teach the younger teen a lesson. Why the woman wanted to harm her acquaintance has not been revealed.

The older teen, whose identity has not been revealed, rented the apartment where the incident occurred. She involved two unnamed men aged 37 and 26 in her revenge plan. When the victim went to the flat to meet the other girl she was attacked by the trio. They beat her and then proceeded to rape her as well. After being violently abused by her attackers the teen decided to jump out of the window.

Police are investigating the incident. It is not known if the attackers have been identified and arrested. The officers who helped save the woman’s life will be receiving awards for their heroic actions.

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