A British teenager reportedly killed two sisters as a part of a pact he made with the devil, believing that their sacrifice would land him a future lottery win.

Danyal Hussein, now 19, allegedly stabbed Bibaa Henry, 46, and Nicole Smallman, 27, to death in a country park in northwest London in June last year after the siblings celebrated the older sister's birthday party with their friends. He reportedly killed them as part of a “sacrifice” to a demon named “the mighty king Lucifuge Rofocale” in exchange for a lottery windfall, Reuters reported.

On June 6, 2020, sisters Henry and Smallman had gone to Wembley's Fryent Park to celebrate the former's birthday with a group of pals. However, the two stayed alone at the park into the early hours. While they were at the park, Hussein approached them and proceeded to stab both sisters to death. After killing them, he dragged their bodies into a woodland some 75 meters away. Their bodies were found on top of each other by Smallman's boyfriend 36 hours after they were reported missing to the police.

The authorities reportedly traced the DNA obtained from a knife that was left at the crime scene to Hussein. He was subsequently arrested at a house in Blackheath, south-east London, where he lived with his mother.

After detectives searched his residence, they found the "contract" Hussein made with the demon. Hussein had signed the contract using his own blood, promising to "perform a minimum of six sacrifices every six months" in exchange for a Mega Millions Super Jackpot win. Police also found three lottery tickets that he had bought after the murders. They also found satanic symbols and a handwritten book of spells, including ones to make women find him attractive, the Guardian reported.

"I am totally convinced that he would have gone on to commit more murders," Simon Harding, Detective Chief Inspector who led the investigation, said.

"It is difficult for any normal person to comprehend. It's almost sort of movie-like," he added.

Hussein, who was convicted of two counts of murder, has been handed two concurrent 35-year jail sentences by Mrs. Justice Whipple at the Old Bailey on Thursday, Oct. 28, BBC reported.

“You committed these vicious attacks. You did it to kill. You did it for money and a misguided pursuit of power," Whipple told Hussein while handing out the sentence.

The victims' mother Mina Smallman said that her "beautiful girls" have finally received justice.

"He's just an obnoxious human being. He is a broken human being who - if he had not been caught - four other families may have been suffering what we have," she said about Hussein.

Danyal Hussein, now 19, reportedly killed two sisters as a part of a pact he made with the devil believing that their sacrifice would land him a future lottery win. Metropolitan Police

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