A Brazilian teen student and mother of one mysteriously collapsed and died during a shower sex session with her husband.

The woman, identified as, 18-year-old Vitoria Costa de Castro, passed out and died while having sex with her 19-year-old husband, at their home in Sao Vicente, Brazil.

The husband said the couple had sex in their bedroom before deciding to go into the shower for another round.

The man, who has not been identified, said that his wife suddenly passed out while the couple was involved in the act. Even after repeated attempts to wake her up, de Castro did not respond, the husband said.

After de Castro passed out, her husband called her father followed by the Brazilian police to report the incident.

The victim’s father, police, and the medics quickly responded to the home and found her unresponsive. The medics tried to revive the teen mother but failed. She was pronounced dead at the scene on March 18.

Doctors confirmed that de Castro displayed no signs of violence or bruises on her body.

The cause of death remains unclear, however, authorities have come up with a theory and said that it could be due to an undiagnosed health condition.

De Castro’s family said she didn’t smoke, drink or do any drugs. From what they knew, she also had no record of any health issues in the past, the family said.

After a preliminary investigation, officials suggested that de Castro’s death may have been due to a heart condition.

Doctors believe that the teen may have died from arrhythmia, or an irregular heartbeat, The Daily Star reports.

The romp shower sex session may have caused a drastic rise in the woman’s heartbeat. This would have rapidly increased her blood pressure and possibly made her lungs overwork, finally leading to the sudden death, doctors said.

This is an ongoing investigation. As the Brazilian police have not yet obtained any shreds of evidence to prove that it is murder, the death is not registered as a criminal case at this time.

However, police say that they have not yet ruled out the chances of a foul play.

The couple has a two-month-old son.

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