A teenager stabbed two sisters to death in a London park as a sacrifice to the devil so he could win a lottery.

Danyal Hussein was 18 when he stabbed 46-year-old Bibaa Henry, and her 27-year-old sister, Nicole Smallman, multiple times after a birthday party in Fryent Country Park in Wembley, on June 6, last year.

During Hussein’s murder trial at the Old Bailey on Wednesday, June 9, prosecutor Oliver Glasgow QC told the court that the sisters had stayed behind at the park after their friends left. They lit fairy lights, listened to music, and danced, the prosecutor added.

The sisters could not be contacted the next day. Close friends who came looking for them alerted the police after they found the women’s glasses and a bloodied knife lying in the grass.

A short while later a trail of flattened grass led the searchers to the "shocking" discovery of the bodies of both women, the prosecutor said, adding that they were "butchered" one after the other.

"The bodies of Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman lay on their sides, they were top to toe and their limbs were intertwined, both of them had been repeatedly stabbed and they were clearly dead," Glasgow said.

"The attack upon them had been as savage as it was devastating."

Henry was stabbed eight times and Smallman was stabbed 28 times, jurors heard.

"Once the two sisters had been brutally murdered, their killer dragged their bodies across the grass and concealed them in a hedgerow," the prosecutor said.

Hussein was allegedly identified through CCTV camera footage and DNA found on the victims’ bodies and the murder weapon, but police found more evidence following a search at his home.

"When the defendant's bedroom was searched, the police found a handwritten document, purporting to be an agreement between the defendant and a demon, in which he promised to sacrifice women in order to win the lottery and not to be suspected of the crimes he had committed," Glasgow continued.

"It would appear that the defendant had confidence that his plan would work since following the fatal attacks upon Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman, the defendant purchased several lottery tickets and there were three lottery tickets folded up inside the note."

"As it turned out, the demon did not come good on the bargain, since not only did the defendant not win the lottery but the police identified all the evidence that links him to these two murders," Glasgow told the court.

The now 19-year-old denies two counts of murder and possessing an offensive weapon. The trial is due to go on for up to four weeks.

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