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A teenage boy from Motherwell, Lanarkshire who sadistically raped an 8-year-old girl sometime between 2018 and 2019 has finally been unmasked and identified. During Jack Dalziel’s trial in December 2021, the High Court in Glasgow heard his horrific offenses that also included the abuse and sexual assault of three young boys whose ages ranged between four and 10 years old at the time.

According to The Scottish Sun, Dalziel’s identity was withheld during his trial due to his age but having just turned 18, his identity can now be disclosed to the public. Jurors heard how the warped youngster had tied the young girl and threatened to kill and bury her if she spoke of his repeated sadistic abuse during that time period. It was also learned that he had chained the young boys to chairs, handcuffed them and threatened to stab them with a needle if they made a noise.

In an attempt to distract the youngest of his victims, he made the boy watch the cartoon series "Paw Patrol" while he carried out his sick intentions. He was 17 years old then and had completely denied all the accusations against him.

Dalziel was convicted of rape and three charges of sexual assault late last year. Judge Olga Pasportnikov handed him a jail sentence of three and a half years for the offenses he committed against the young children. The judge made it clear that the teenage boy was aware that what he did was wrong.

“You were deliberately scaring two of the children by threatening to kill them,” the judge said, adding that his crimes were not really considered as “grooming” but rather that of an “enhanced opportunism”. Dalziel’s sentence would be much higher if he had been convicted as an adult, the judge added.

Some locals were offended over the judge’s choice of words in calling out Dalziel’s behavior saying he knew exactly what he was doing. It was said that the youngster groomed his female victim by offering her clothes and shoes that he had grown out of.

“He was sentenced as a child but he was only six months from being an adult - he should have been jailed for much longer,” one local voiced out.

Meanwhile, locals are over the moon and praised the media for revealing the youngster’s name and photo. They believe having done so would keep other kids away from him after he has been released. “Jack will murder someone one day. He’s barbaric,” one local said.

The convicted teenager will be subjected to supervision for two additional years after his release.

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