Kate del Castillo
Kate Del Castillo attends the Billboard Latin Music Awards at Watsco Center on April 27, 2017 in Miami, Florida. Kate del Castillo reveals details for "La Reina del Sur Season 2." Jason Koerner/Getty Images for Billboard

Teresa Mendoza is set to return to the small screen in Season 2 of the narco series “La Reina Del Sur.” Kate del Castillo herself announced the release date and teased on a more explosive season as Teresa gets personal in her fight for survival.

Hailed as one of the most successful and popular television series from Telemundo, “La Reina Del Sur” continues to depict the life of Teresa Mendoza as a woman drug trafficker in the underground world of drugs. After eight years of hiatus, the series recasts Kate del Castillo as Teresa, along with other actors from Season 1, such as legendary Humberto Zurita.

New cast on board Season 2 consists of international actor Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight), Raoul Bova (Under The Tuscan Sun), Paola Nuñez (The Son) and Antonio Gil (Quantum Of Solace). On top of the international actors, the series will be available with English closed captions and subtitle, an effort by Telemundo to bring “La Reina Del Sur” Season 2 to a global scale.

What awaits Teresa in “La Reina Del Sur” Season 2? In Season 1, Teresa moves out of the United States and out of the US Federal Witness Protection Program, which she was in for bringing down Mexican president Epifanio Vargas, played by Zurita. Teresa chose to live in Italy quietly in an alias Maria Dantes and out of the radar with daughter Sofia, played by Isabella Sierra.

After eight years, the narco world found Teresa and kidnaps Sofia. The actress herself teases on Teresa’s vulnerability, which is her daughter, and the character’s motivation to get her daughter back. Teresa will do everything to protect Sofia, even if it means reclaiming her throne again as “La Reina Del Sur.” Teresa’s search for her daughter will take viewers to a trip around the world.

Del Castillo posted a teaser poster on her Instagram, captioned with the release date of the series. Check her Instagram post below.

Streaming giant Netflix will bring “La Reina Del Sur” Season 2 to the international scene. Telemundo has the exclusive rights to air the Columbian series in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Season 2 will premiere on April 22 at 10 pm in ET/PT.

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