A convicted child molester in Texas is nearing eligibility for parole, but he will not go free, said prosecutors.

They announced Friday that a jury had approved to have Robert Edmond Alexander committed to a mental institution after he is released, reported Fox News.

The repeat child rapist was convicted in 1996 of aggravated sexual assault of a boy under 14. After he pleaded guilty, he was placed on probation. But then in 2001, he attacked a 10-year-old girl. Following the attack on the girl, his probation on the first case was revoked. The Galveston County District Attorney’s Office shared that he got concurrent 30-year sentences for both the attacks. According to court records, he has also failed to register as a sex offender. He had been previously charged with misdemeanor theft as well.

TTOU reported that now he is nearing eligibility for parole. So, Particular Prosecutor Marc Gault and Assistant District Legal professional Brent Haynes argued for a civil dedication to a psychological well-being facility after he is freed up under the Texas Sexually Violent Predator Legislation. Under the law, people who are repeat offenders can be civilly committed if they have been convicted of more than one offense. If they have served at least one sentence and a jury finds that they have "a behavioral abnormality" that makes another violent sexual offense likely, they can also be civilly committed.

Dr. Darrel Turner, who is a psychologist, testified that he diagnosed Alexander with pedophilic disorder. It is an impulse control disorder and an anti-social personality disorder. Prosecutors said that these disorders "cause persons to disregard the rights of others to serve their own interests." It was agreed by the jurors.

District Attorney Jack Roady’s office said in a statement that the combination "makes Alexander a sexually violent predator." The statement further read that Haynes acknowledged that "Alexander does not look dangerous, but stated that is the exactly the kind of man little children would not be afraid of." Yahoo! reported once committed, Alexander will be evaluated every two years for a chance of release. He has a legal right to petition the court for release, Roady’s office shared.

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