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NYC Mayor Signs On Trump's Border Wall Contractors To Build Migrant Shelter PIXABAY

New York City officials are desperate to slow the influx of migrants arriving in the Big Apple via busses from Texas. Gov. Greg Abbot of Texas criticized New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ methods in handling the migrant crisis, as this saw the city government resorting to ticketing drivers upon arrival.

According to the New York Post, New York City Police Department (NYPD) officers pounced on four migrant buses that just dropped off dozens of their passengers near the Port Authority. Police pulled over the buses and spent about an hour meticulously searching each bus for any violations, including logbooks, tire treads, and fluid levels, even checking the placement of windshield wipers. A portion of the drivers was given court appearance tickets and allowed to leave.

Reports said this inspection conducted by the NYPD was a ploy by city officials to find excuses to take the buses ferrying migrants into the city off the road in the hopes of slowing the influx. A law enforcement official commented, “Nothing is too minor to take them out of service.” the operation is said to continue every day the following week.

A source told the Post of the Mayor’s desperation, implying the operation was ordered directly by Adams. The source commented on the city's public display of open arms contradicted by the welcoming methods implemented by the mayor, saying, “Are we a sanctuary city or not?”

Drivers of the buses said the crackdown does little to deter their efforts. One driver, going by the name of Misael remarked, “I don’t care if the NYPD inspects us.” He added that the money he receives for the job is well worth the trouble despite being issued four pink court appearance tickets and one for a loose seat. Another driver expressed his agreement with Texas Gov.’s methods saying, “I don’t want migrants in my state” remarking that if the democratic party desires an open borders policy they may take the responsibility of housing migrants.

A spokesperson for Texas Gov. Abbot’s office said that Mayor Adams’ methods are nothing more but a cunning scheme to quell the flow of migrants into New York City, a proclaimed sanctuary city. The spokesperson also pointed out that each bus undergoes a thorough inspection by the Texas Department of Public Safety Commercial Vehicle before departure. Abbot suggested that the Mayor call on the White House for immediate action to secure the country’s borders instead of selectively attacking bus operations.

United States Border Patrol agents
Migrants, who were detained trying to cross into the United States undetected, wait to be searched by United States Border Patrol agents in Sunland Park, New Mexico on September 1, 2021. Photo by Paul Ratje/AFP via Getty Images

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