Six people were injured Monday in Plano, Texas after an explosion demolished a house and caused damage to surrounding residences.

One of the injured was inside the house when it burst, according to the local fire department, while five others were injured in a residence next door, according to NBC News. The ages of the injured victims were not immediately known, but officials said three of them were youngsters.

Debris was seen littered over the Cleveland Drive neighborhood in a footage. The front yard was covered with wood fragments.

A vehicle was also covered in debris in the photos, and the destroyed house was reduced to ruins. Some of the house's walls remained intact, but with damaged corners.

Dallas Morning News said the homes on both sides of the destroyed property were also damaged, but they are still standing. One of the residences "has experienced tremendous, major damage – in fact, most certainly destroyed," according to Plano-Fire Rescue spokeswoman Capt. Peggy Harrell.

Residents were asked to stay away from the charred area, and both electricity and gas were turned off in the affected block. Neighborhood resident Wesley told ABC affiliate WFAA that the explosion sounded like a lightning strike.

According to Wesley, he heard “an extremely aggressive lightning strike, and right after that, two big booms, and I was [baffled].” The resident also stated that his house's walls vibrated as a result of the explosion, and that his foundation had some cracks.

Neighbor Heather Presley, who lives about a mile and a half away from the wrecked house, speculated that it could have been a transformer that blew up, as has happened in the region before.

Caroline Klobas, a neighbor, told CBS-owned KTVT that her garage's roof "caved in." Klobas initially assumed her sliding glass door had broken when two picture frames on the wall tumbled to the ground.

Andre Lucia, a KTVT correspondent on the scene following the explosion, tweeted that she witnessed a woman being brought out on a stretcher. An "alert small child" with his arm wrapped was also wheeled out of the scene, she said.

Following investigations, the local fire service has yet to reveal the cause of the incident. Workers from Atmos Energy and Oncor came on the scene to assist with the probe.

A bomb-sniffing canine from the city's bomb squad was unable to discover explosives at the location right away.

Representational Image Stephen Radford on Unsplash

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