“She was the love of my life and it was very distraught, heartbreaking, I was in disbelief,” Giancarlo said. [Representation image] Yiu Yu Hoi/Gettyimages

A Texas police dispatcher was fired after her husband discovered that she had been having affairs with two of the seven policemen she was sexting.

Her manager is also looking into if any of the sex acts took place while she was working.

The controversy involves sexually graphic text messages that may implicate up to seven law enforcement officers and a married dispatcher is now developing at the Bexar County Sheriff's Office.

Krystle Perez, 38, a dispatcher for the Bexar County Sheriff's Office in San Antonio throughout the night, was placed on unpaid leave when her husband Giancarlo Perez discovered sexual messages on her smartphone, according to KABB on Thursday.

Along with Perez, Sgt. Renaldo Salinas and Deputy Juan Leal — both of whom have already been suspended — risk being fired due to the controversy, the source claims.

"Their conduct apparently according to the investigation was found to be egregious enough to where we would issue those proposed terminations," Sheriff Javier Salazar told KABB.

A 30-day punishment has been suggested for Deputy Jason Jarvis, another of the policemen, and his wife, Jessica Jarvis, is divorcing him because she alleges, he confessed to having an affair with Perez, New York Post reported.

"These are people that are supposed to be protecting us, serving and making sure the community is safe and instead they're busy setting up affairs, they're busy setting up appointments to basically have sexual relations,"
Jessica Jarvis told the outlet.

Giancarlo Perez said that he was the one who uncovered the lewd texts sent by his wife with six Bexar County officers and a Converse Police Department officer.

He sent KABB some of the communications she had with Salinas, some of which were deemed to be too explicit for public consumption.

"I feel so hott and sexy when im in you [sic]...," Salinas reportedly wrote Perez.

"I can feel it — all of it — and I love it," the dispatcher replied, according to the screen grab.

"We need another hotel day," the sergeant wrote, to which she replied: "Yes!!!!!!!"

Leal also wrote Perez: "I can't wait for us to be naked and us caressing each other and then kissing each other ALL OVER!!!!" according to KABB.

"F–k yes!" she replied.

The betrayed husband claimed he gave the sheriff's office the communications, and that office opened an internal affairs probe.

"She was the love of my life, and it was very distraught, heartbreaking, I was in disbelief," Giancarlo told KABB.

"They use emojis to reference body parts, they talk about kissing, making out and these sexual connections."

One of the texts was sent at 10 p.m., though it wasn't known if any of the individuals were at work when the texts were sent or when the alleged trysts occurred when Salinas reportedly wrote Perez: "I get off at midnight, came in early."

"Certainly, the case is being taken seriously and quite frankly, I believe it's quite possible some people are going to lose their career as a result of this," Salazar said.

None of those involved in the incident appeared to have broken the law, but those who were penalized allegedly did not follow the sheriff's office's rules.

The filthy drama in San Antonio follows the obscene Maegan Hall sex scandal in the Tennessee city of La Vergne Police Department.

An internal investigation revealed that Hall, a married 26-year-old police officer, had sex with six other officers, including a three-way with another officer and his wife.

The sexcapades took place under his watch with his knowledge, and the investigation revealed that Police Chief Burrell "Chip" Davis shared obscene pictures of Hall on a burner phone.

He was fired as a result.

Hall and five other officers lost their jobs as a result of the affair, while three more were suspended.

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