The shooting occurred April 14 at the border in El Paso, Texas. The guard had allegedly seen the migrant stabbing another individual in U.S. soil. AFP

The Texas Military Department is reportedly investigating a shooting involving an Indiana National Guard trooper and a migrant in the U.S.-Mexico border in El Paso, according to El Paso Times.

The National Guard trooper was stationed at the border as part of the Operation Lone Star initiative. The shooting occurred April 14 at the border in El Paso. Little information has been shared so far.

"The Indiana National Guard is aware of the incident that happened Sunday, April 14" the state's National Guard said in a statement. "We support and care for our soldiers and airmen supporting Operation Lone Star."

The operation is an initiative launched by Gov. Greg Abbott in March 2021 to respond to the rise of undocumented migrants crossing through the southern border. The program has cost the state around $10 billion since its founding. As of January, Operation Lone Star was responsible for the detainment of around 496,000 migrants who had come to the United States illegally.

According to the U.S. Border Patrol Bulletin, the soldier saw an individual stabbing a migrant on the U.S. side of the river, which is mostly dry in El Paso. The soldier shot the attacker, who ran back into Mexico. When the shooting was initially reported, it was unclear whether the individuals had been struck.

Investigators soon determined that two individuals had been wounded. An El Paso Fire and Rescue crew responded and treated the migrants for what were described as "superficial wounds" not considered life-threatening, Fox 5 San Diego reported.

The bulletin says the Texas Department of Public Safety sealed off the area and that no U.S. Border Patrol agents had been allowed in the secured area or allowed to speak with the individuals involved. However, one agent did escort the medics who took one of the migrants to a hospital, and border agents were to help identify and process the migrants.

Around 50 Indiana soldiers were sent to El Paso to support Texas' efforts at the Southern Border, according to El Paso Times. These troopers are scheduled to stay at El Paso for 10 months.

Gov. Abbott has not addressed the shooting investigation as of Monday afternoon. But he recently praised the National Guard troops for "holding the line" in a recent tweet.

This isn't the first time officers and migrants have clashed. Earlier this month, more than 200 migrants were arrested on misdemeanor rioting charges in connection with a late March border breach in El Paso that the local district attorney said injured Texas National guard members. Nine of these migrants were arrested on felony state charges. They were accused of assaulting two National Guard troops.

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