A woman from Texas has been charged for trying to hire a hitman, according to the Police Department in East Texas. The woman was reportedly looking for a killer-for-hire to get rid of a family member.

Johnwayne Valdez, Sheriff of Rusk County, told local journalists that they received a tip-off. The piece of information was about 42-year-old-Cheryl Thibodeaux trying to find someone to kill her family member.

The woman was apprehended before she could find a real hitman to take out her target, Law and Crime reported.

Police shared that they received the information about the accused. She was looking for a hitman to murder the family member in question, on Sept. 27. An undercover officer from the sheriff’s office got in touch with Thibodeaux. Posing as a hitman, the officer lured the accused to a meeting. Agreeing to meet her hitman-to-be, Thibodeaux went to a predetermined location.

Instead of meeting with a hitman, the woman was confronted by police officers. On Monday, Oct. 4 the woman was arrested for criminal solicitation for capital murder. Valdez added that at that time they had enough probable reason and a warrant to arrest her. Later they went ahead and arrested her at the scene of the meeting.

The police have neither disclosed the name of the family member to the media, nor they have spoken about familial relations between the accused and her family member, CBS 19 reported. Details of the case are yet to be revealed as the investigation is ongoing.

Police are trying to contact more witnesses. They are in the process of piecing together the sequence of events leading to the woman trying to hire a criminal. The police have not been able to determine the motivation behind the woman’s actions yet.

As of Wednesday, Oct. 6 Thibodeaux remained in police custody at Rusk County Jail. A judge set her bond at $100,000. It is unclear if the woman is out on bail. Even if she is out on bail, she has to return to court for further hearings. If the accused is convicted of the charges against her, she would face 99 years in the state prison or has to pay a fine of up to $100,000.

Woman arrested for trying to hire hitman Rusk County Sheriff's Department

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