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Tigers ate frozen chicken "popsicles" and splashed in a wading pool at a Thailand zoo on Thursday as temperatures increased in the country.

Yahoo News reported the tiger caretakers usually attach these disc-shaped ice treats to ropes. Zookeepers then disperse these chunks to the tigers. The zoo's nutrition department made ice lollies in the kitchen with flavors ranging from plain water to meat and blood.

Patchara Chanted, the zoo's tiger handler coordinator, told Reuters that the Tiger Kingdom zoo in Chiang Mai is home to about 50 big cats. The place is approximately 430 miles (692 kilometers) north of Bangkok.

"Tigers will save their energy during most of the day by lying down or trying to exert themselves as little as possible," he explained.

The zoo official said the tigers start panting like cats and dogs to prevent themselves from heat stroke if the weather becomes too hot for them. Hence, they give the tigers frozen chicken twice or thrice a day.

"When [tigers] became too stressed due to the heat, park keepers would separate them and give them ice lollies immediately," Park Manager Orapin Shinawatra said.

Zookeepers also organize activities to keep the tigers entertained while they cool off. They let the tigers play with a toy or soak in the water.

The practice provided an opportunity for the animals to exercise, which helped to relieve stress. The tigers are routinely examined by veterinarians for their physical, behavioral, and emotional well-being, too.

The hot season in Thailand started at the end of February, and temperatures are forecasted to hit 95 degrees Fahrenheit (35 degrees Celcius).

Summer can be uncomfortable, if not dangerous, for both animals and people. It's challenging enough to cope with rising temperatures, let alone high humidity levels. Still, things get much more difficult in areas affected by extreme heat and storm-related power outages, which can have tragic consequences.

If you are a pet owner, experts recommend that you provide shade and plenty of fresh water to your pets to prevent heatstroke. If your pet dislikes baths, it will help if you give them relaxing soaks. Experts also recommend keeping a strict eye for signs of heatstroke. If your pet is suffering from one, take them to a veterinarian right away.

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