Thanksgiving dinner
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Thanksgiving, which falls on Nov. 24 this year, is a special day celebrated in America. The celebrations mark the beginning of the holiday season and people begin their preparations for Christmas.

During this time, people pay visits to church, organize feasts, have Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends and much more. Since Thanksgiving dinner is one of the highlights of this holiday, take a look at some of the recipes that will make the celebrations even better.

1. Over-roasted turkey

Turkey is the star ingredient during Thanksgiving dinner, so make an over-roasted turkey dish which will impress your guests.

2. Garlic butter turkey

Garlic butter turkey is a favorite among people as it has a combined taste mixture of spices and exotic flavors.

3. Tuscan turkey roulade

It is served like rolls, and has flavors of porchetta. It might be a little different from other turkey dishes, but this recipe will definitely uplift your Thanksgiving feast with delicious taste.

4. Bacon-wrapped turkey breast

In this, the turkey is wrapped in bacon and stuffed with spices that will provide you with a classic and rich taste.

5. Spiced turkey breast

Turkey with tomatoes, Persian golden prunes and barberries are a great combination even though they are slightly bitter in taste with lamb and chicken.

6. Cheesy baked mashed potato casserole

Potato is essential when it comes to side dishes. Be it a vegetarian or non-vegetarian dish, a potato recipe makes everything taste better. So, if it is baked mashed potato casserole loaded with cheese then how can you resist it on the celebration day. Try this mouth-watering recipe and give a twist to the potatoes.

7. Pumpkin dinner rolls

Pumpkin is a must on Thanksgiving Day, and so is a freshly baked and warm roll that is a highlight of the Thanksgiving holiday. Instead of using pumpkin for pumpkin pie, you can try out the pumpkin dinner roll recipe. This new variant of rolls will definitely impress your guests.

8. Whipped feta dip

It's full of feta cheese, but you can also add lemon or cranberry to it to make it even more tempting. It is easy and quick to make as it takes only 5 minutes.

So, as you celebrate Thanksgiving with your friend and family, impress them with these yummy recipes during dinner.

Meanwhile, Google shared a list of uniquely searched casseroles by state during Thanksgiving, reported USA Today. Green bean or string bean casseroles were favorites across America, but many states also showed interest in broccoli, potato and corn dishes.

While Alabama preferred broccoli casserole, Alaska went for sweet potato casserole. Arizona was all about green bean casserole whereas Arkansas' favorite was corn casserole. California opted for yam casserole and Colorado also picked green bean casserole. For Connecticut, it was string bean casserole that came under favorites.

Delaware liked green bean casserole more than other types of casserole. For District of Columbia, eggless sweet potato casserole did it and Florida picked spinach artichoke broccoli casserole. Georgia and Hawaii's favorites were Broccoli casserole. Idaho showed interest in sweet potato casserole while Illinois chose cheesy potato casserole. Corn casserole was a favorite of Indiana as well as Iowa.

Kansas liked green bean casserole while Kentucky and Louisiana went for broccoli casserole. Maine preferred loaded cheesy potato casserole and Maryland liked corn pudding casserole. Massachusetts liked green bean casserole while Michigan preferred butternut squash casserole.

Minnesota and Montana picked green bean casserole while Mississippi and Missouri showed interest in broccoli casserole. Nebraska liked sweet potato casserole (with marshmallows) and Nevada was okay with just sweet potato casserole. Similarly, others picked green bean casserole or butternut squash casserole or corn casserole as their favorites.

Thanksgiving dinner
Thanksgiving dinner table. Photo by: HeartlandMom/Pixabay

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