If you consider yourself a holiday entertaining expert and are always looking for great ideas to set your table with seasonal style, then this article is for you! Photo: Architect Products

Mouthwatering meals deserve show-stopping decorations. Thanksgiving table décor using special touches like flowers, centerpieces and name tags, or stunning housewares and festive tablescapes, will crown you as the queen or king of holiday entertainment.

The key to a perfect table setting is to make all your guests fall in love with your innovative pieces, and if they are affordable too, it means that you will save money and can invest it in a killer outfit. So thinking on items with an extra edge, we created a list of unique elements that stand out from the rest.

If you are looking to give your home that extra glow with the unique, reusable and creative designs , then you should try the LightBoxArts. They are a sturdy, MDF LED back-lit cube with the ability to insert and change out artwork to fit any aesthetic. This light box allows you to choose from hundreds of unique designs to fit your decor – or you can personalize your very own piece. They are perfect for adding pizzazz to your decor for Thanksgiving, and then –thinking in the future- you can use them for Christmas by just switching the print.

If you are a little extra, take your fall display to the next level with Bliss Lights. Your guests, neighbors and passersby are sure to be impressed with your eye-catching display of elegant lighting. The easy-to-set-up projector can cast thousands of points of light over an area as large as 50 ft. x 50 ft. to instantly create an alluring environment. All you do is plug it in. The floor mount allows for easier indoor use and it comes with a ground stake which is also perfect for an outdoor presentation of spirit.

Houseware are key components of your table, cooking utensils, flatware, and serveware, besides being the items that you need the most, they also are the things your guest will have in front of their eyes the most.

If you are popping bottles and serving cheese before the big meal, you might need something chic. For the love of entertaining and champagne, the Poppin’ Bottles Champagne Opener can spark every holiday party, the rich-wood grain and gold plated insert is simple and safe. With just placing over the cork and gently unscrew your bubbly drink is ready to me served. Madeira Serving Paddles and Marble Boards adds a natural detail into the home and is a great way to serve you appetizers and pairing cheese and fruits.

Thac Mac-n-cheese, pumpking soup, or sweet cherry pie will never look so chic if you don't choose a polished crisp white ceramic cocotte with a gold handle from Architec Products. With the whole stoneware baking dish with lid you can cook and serve adding a twist of modern and classic for all kitchens.

Your turkey probably smells good but after having their bellies full, your guests don’t want to keep perceiving your "sazón" scent. The final step in setting an atmosphere that your loved ones will never forget is putting a little extra holiday cheer in the air with Essential Oil Reed Diffusers and Essential Oil Soy Wax Candles to delight the senses. Each fragrance comes in a sleek glass bottle that will add to the flow of any decor, from modern to rustic. The line is available in a variety of fragrances including Thai Jasmine Bamboo, Japanese Cherry Blossom, Australian Eucalyptus, and Canadian Christmas Tree and more.

For Thanksgiving share gratitude! Harness the power of positivity this holiday season with Gratitude Glass Jars! No matter how small or large, opening your heart to the positive things in this world can be a challenge. Support and inspire others to write down their notes of gratitude and love towards themselves and others with these stylish sentiments. A complete range of jars with a higher purpose to capture life’s events, love and advice, and words of wisdom, are beautifully created with handcrafted designs with wooden lids, packaged in a chic box.

Now it's probably time to leave, and you have been a great host or hostess – no doubt! But if at the end of the evening you send your guests home with some goodies, then you deserve an award. Chocolate Pizza creates over 100 gourmet chocolate specialties and its hands down an amazing way to indulge your familia. Hands out your favorite goblins a caramel-icious dark chocolate pizza or a handcrafted gourmet "Happy Thanksgiving" chocolate pizza blended with homemade English toffee and trimmed with nuts and festive colors.

Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for being a loyal Latin Times reader!

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